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Willem Castille II, or perhaps better known simply as "William Foulbutler" served as major general of the Spanish reserve army during The Post Paradoxian War in 1746, and during the third war of French succession in the end of the following year, and towards the beginning of the next. He was one of Phillipe V Clemente's few remaining experienced and loyal commanders during The Post Paradoxian War and played an essential role in keeping vast number of territories which had been acquired during The Paradoxian War within the fold.

Biography Edit

William was recruited by Phillipe V Clemente during The Delta Warring period, and rose to prominence during The Paradoxian War where he was promoted to the rank of Artillery Commander of the entire Northern flank following the death of Commander Lawrence Helmbane in 1743.

However, it was not until The Post Paradoxian War that William began to truly demonstrate his knack for strategy and cunning. In several instances where the opposing forces outnumbered Spain's forces, often 4 or 5 to 1, William with the help of other notable Spanish commanders was able to achieve decisive victories.

William resigned his position in early 1747. He currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.

General Information Edit

  • Last Known Guild - Imperio De Espana 
  • Main Player - William Foulbutler 
  • Level - 50 

Closest Companions Edit

  • Phillipe V Clemente (Pearson Wright)
  • Ponce De Leon
  • James Bladebones
  • Pango Morgan