On November 21st, 1746, after Spanish forces were pushed back to the beaches in the previous battle, a large reinforcing army of 2,000 men under Second Sea Lord George Sailward and Forth Sea Lord, Ponce De Leon, stormed the shores of Ireland where they were met by heavy resistance from a force of 4,000 British redcoats under First Sea Lord Sven Daggersteel of The British Navy. Defiantly, the Spanish forces pushed The British backed into the hills and claimed the shores in the name of The Spanish Empire!

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After the battle, King Phillipe V Clemente met with First Sea Lord Sven Dagersteel where he admitted defeat, and retreated into the heartland of southern Ireland.

In an effort to re-win the day and tie the battle up for a draw, elite forces of The British marines drop First Sea Lord Sven Daggersteel behind Spanish lines where he personally duels The Leader of The Entire Spanish Army, Overlord Geoffrey Hexbones. Fortunately for us, Overlord Hexbones ends up winning by a longshot, re-assuring Spanish victory!

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Shortly after the duel ends, The Spanish triumph on The Irish shores, and march through nearby coastal fishing villages, handing out food, and gifts to the oppressed Irish citizens!

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Overlord Geoffrey Hexbones, Leader of The Spanish Army, establishes Spain's first official HQ on the shores of The Southern Irish coast.

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