The World Stage is the HUB for all POTCO RP historical evaluations, debates, compromises, and so forth. Here, we analyze history and separate the truth from the fiction so that events, places, and people can be more accurately documented and portrayed on our wiki. 


Next Debate: (The history and fate of The Ottoman Empire/Provinces) 

June 11th, 7:00PM EST ~ June 19th, 7:00PM EST


The World Stage is open to everyone, so long as they are contributing for the good of the community, and for the sake of the truth. The World Stage has no leader, or group of leaders. Everyone who participates in a positive manner on the World Stage has an equal vote in decisions that are held following a political debate.

How it works:

Every week or so, a debate will be held regarding an unresolved conflict, for example, an open dispute over a territory such as The Ottoman Empire/Provinces. These debates will be held in chat, and can take anywhere from a couple of hours, to several days until an executive decision is reached by a ruling majority of voters. Each voter, regardless of wiki status, or RP status has a single point voting weight, so long as the wiki's administration believes that this voter is voting truthfully and not simply out of spite against a certain individual, and/or group of individuals. 

Why are we doing this?

It's crucial that we, as an encyclopedia website separate the facts from the fiction and ensure that the history of our once great Pirates of the Caribbean Online MMORPG is properly documented so that years from now when people look back, they'll remember what really occured in the timeframe of this wonderful game: 2007 ~ 2013.