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The Vatican News-Press is the official News-Press of The Vatican. This page updates you on both international and domestic events among both The Wiki and POTCO. The Vatican News-Press was established on March 31st, 1746 and is updated frequently. If you are interested in applying for a position at The Vatican News-Press, please message The CEO, Lord Hector Wildhayes here.



Spain declares war on Britain and The Netherlands!Edit

After Britain attempted to claim several Spanish territories including Gibraltar and several regions in Russia and France, The Spanish Government concluded that this was indeed an act of war and responded by officially declaring all out war on Great Britain and its allies. After the causes of the war were carefully inspected, The Vatican agreed to support Spain in this war. Initially, this war was also against Romania, but since then, Romania has backed out and has agreed to an armistice with Spain. Information regarding this armistice can be found here. Specifics for the first engagements are unknown. King Phillipe V Clemente has announced that he anticipates conquering The Netherlands, Ireland, and Denmark.

Lord Hector Wildhayes, The Vatican News-Press reporting from The Wiki.

Domestic NewsEdit


Pope Benedict XIV founds The University of Rome!Edit

On the first of April, 1746, Pope Benedict XIV (Myself) founded The University of Rome, Historical RP Academy in an effort to help educate those who are unfamiliar with RP. The University of Rome teaches users of all backgrounds about the essentials to RP, the history of RP, and warfare within RP. By doing this, we help to prevent future confusion in RP, and give people further opportunities in the RP World! If you are interested in enrolling as a student at The University of Rome, please feel free to visit The University's homepage, here. If you are interested in becoming a member of the staff at The University of Rome, please be sure to read the staff requirements first. You can do so by visiting the staff requirement's page, here.

Lord Hector Wildhayes, The Vatican News-Press reporting from The Wiki.


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