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Prime Minister, Carlos La Verde Sanita, with The HCO'S of The Spanish Military, and The Queen of Spain, Elizabeth O'Malley.

The Spanish Special Forces was founded by Pearson Wright. The Special Forces were formed during the Caribbean Rangers, the EITC had its own well trained men, led by many experienced army generals. Pearson had a devious plan to form an elite group of fighters known as Templars. The Templars fought valiantly in many battles, from Outcast Island to Kingshead Bay.

As years gone by, Pearson Wright was betrayed by his very own Caribbean Rangers. In darkest of times, the few that stood by him were the Special Forces. On one foggy day, the Special Forces set a diversion for the EITC and Ranger traitors. This was so Pearson could escape and spread his beliefs onto other Islands, maybe even Countries.

As Pearson escaped and was free, he formed a massive new guild named The Paradox. The Paradox had it's own Special Forces but was classified. It was kept in tight security, any man who retired from this elite fighting force would be honourably executed to make sure they would not spread rumors around the Caribbean.

Ever since The Paradox to Casa Di Royale, the Special Forces have been the essential, Delta Force, elite, and deadly fighting force in any form of combat. They fight seperately from the army, and some guild members of Casa Di Royale are part of this elite group. Only the high commanding Minister's know who is in this team, it will be decided upon by Pearson if he wishes to reveal the true warriors.

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