330px-Emblem of the Spanish Navy

Emblem of the Spanish Navy

The Spanish Navy (Spanish: Armada Española) or more commonly known as The Spanish Armada is the maritime branch of the Spanish Armed Forces and one of the oldest active naval forces in the world. The Armada is responsible for notable achievements in world history such as the discovery of the Americas.

Leaders of the Spanish NavyEdit

Pearson Wright : Prime Minister of Spain

Jason Darkskull : Grand Lord Admiral

Ranks Edit

Alumno 1 Curso - Officer Cadet (Rank One)

Alumno 2 Curso - Officer Cadet 2 (Rank Two)

Guardiamarina 1 Curso - Midshipman (Rank One

Guardiamarina 2 Curso - Midshipman (Rank Two)

Alferez de Fragata - Ensign

Alferez de Navio - Lieutenant (Junior Grade)

Teniente de Navio - Lieutenant

Capitan de Corbeta - Lieutenant Commander

Capitan de Fragata - Commander

Capitan de Navio - Captain

Contraalmirante - Rear Admiral

Vicealmirante - Vice Admiral

Almirante - Admiral

Almirante General - General Admiral

Capitan General - Captain General

Ranks of Non-comissioned officers and EnlistedEdit

Marinero - Seaman Apprentice

Marinero de primera - Seaman

Cabo - Leading Seaman

Cabo Primero - Master Seaman

Cabo mayor - Petty Officer 3rd Class

Sargento - Petty Officer 2nd Class

Sargento primero - Petty Officer 1st Class

Brigada - Chief Petty Officer

Subteniente - Sublieutenant

Subooficial mayor - Sub Officer Major

Famous Spanish ShipsEdit

Spanish Galleon

The Santiago

Santisima Trinidad

Santisima Trinidad