468px-Emblem of the Spanish Army.svg

Seal of the Spanish Royale Army

The Spanish Royale army also known as Ejército de Tierra was founded in the 15th century. It's mission was the defense of peninsular Spain, the Balaeric Islands, the Canary Islands, Melilla, Cueta and the Spanish islands and rocks off the northern coast of Africa.

Officer Ranking SystemEdit

Alumno 1 (Ensign1) (not an officer rank)

Alumno 2 (Ensign 2) (not an officer rank)

Caballero Alférez Cadete (Knight Lieutenant Cadet) (not an officer rank)

Alférez (2nd Lieutenant)

Teniente (Lieutenant)

Capitán (Captain)

Comandante (Commander)

Teniente coronel (Lieutenant Colonel)

Coronel (Colonel)

General de brigada (Brigade General)

General de división (Major-general)

Teniente general (Lieutenant General)

General de Ejército (General of the army)

Capitán General 1 (Captain general)

  • 1 Retained by His Majesty the King of Spain as his constitutional role.

Ranking System of non-commissioned officers and enlistedEdit

  • Soldado - Private
  • Soldado de Primera - Private First Class
  • Cabo - Lance Corporal
  • Cabo Primero - Corporal
  • Cabo Mayor - Corporal Major
  • Sargento - Sergeant
  • Sargento Primero - Staff Sergeant
  • Brigada - Brigadier
  • Subteniente- Sublieutenant
  • Suboficial Mayor - Sub officer Major

Leaders of the Spanish Royale ArmyEdit

Philippe V Clemente aka Pearson Wright, Carlos la Verde Sanita- Prime Minister of Spain

Dog Sharkidd - Grand Field Marshall of the Spanish Army

Currently RecruitingEdit

The Spanish Army is currently recruiting men to fight for Spain! You are all welcome to join, please contact anyone from Casa Di Royale to join.