This is a Romanian Government Page.


The Queen's Council is the Queen's personally appointed set of advisors and ministers. With the exception of Prime Minister seat, none are up for election unless deemed necessary by the Imperial Senate & the Queen.

  1. Prime Minister Dept. - Basil Brawlmonk IV
  2. Foreign Relations Dept. - David Plankginty
  3. Warfare Dept. - Johnathan Daniels
  4. Defense Dept. - None
  5. Finance & Welfare Dept. - None

Prime Minister's DepartmentEdit

Prime Minister: Sir Basil Brawlmonk IV of RomaniaEdit

The Prime Minister's Department handles all the main parts such as the State Media and the RIA (Romanian Intelligence Agency). It manages to make sure both are running correctly and watches the Directors in charge which are in charge of reporting anything new every month. This department also keeps tabs on the other departments.

Foreign Relations DepartmentEdit

Minister: Lord Ambassador David PlankgintyEdit

The F.R. Department manages relations with other nations and any international trade. It helps manage embassies and Ambassadors to nations. Sometimes, it also checks into nations who may be in need of supplies due to on-going war, or in need of post-war aid.

Warfare DepartmentEdit

Minister: Lord General Johnathan Daniels of BucharestEdit

The Warfare Department manages the Military units of Romania when attacking other nations. It has two sub-departments: The Romanian Navy and The Romanian Army.

Defense DepartmentEdit

Minister: NoneEdit

The Defense Department also manages soldiers of Romania, but those on the border and any incoming immigrants to the Kingdom of Romania. They also manage the Navy and Army, but those forces within Romania. Additionally they manage the Romanian Guard as well.

Finance & Welfare DepartmentEdit

Minister: NoneEdit

The Finance & Welfare Department is a combined department that was originally two seperate departments. Since both departments are rather small and relate to each other somewhat, they were combined.

This Department manages Finances of the Government as well as inter-territory commerce, it also manages aid to citizens of the Kingdom!