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The Papal States were founded in 1624, only a year after the Spanish Empire by Pope John V making it the second oldest nation in the World. The Papal States are home to the Pope, and his clergy, the cardinals. Its capital, Rome, is the center of all Christendom in Europe. The Papal States have gone to war once in Spain's defense, but they have never truly made an offensive. Rather, the Pope at the time, Hector Wildhayes/Benedict XIV, simply stated that "God" was on Spain's side against the British Empire. The Papal States seceded to The Spanish Empire in 1746.

Regional StatisticsEdit

  • Major cities -  Rome, Bologna
  • Capital - Rome
  • Largest city - Rome
  • Population Placement - 43% Urban, 57% Rural
  • Population - 6,300,000
  • Military/Political Affairs - The Spanish Government has permitted for "The Vatican" a small city-state within Rome to keep an independent government in which Spain cannot interfere upon. The Vatican is allowed to keep an army of 3,000 to defend and protect the Pope if necessary. Of these 3,000, are 300 elite guards known as "The Swiss Guard". For information on the Swiss Guard and/or the Vatican, please click here. This region is currently being governed by Lord Hector Wildhayes/Pope Benedict XIV
  • Religous - Religion - 99% Catholic, 1% Protestant
  • Troops stationed in this region - 50,000
  • Ethnic Diversity - 89% Italian, 7% Spanish, 1% Swiss, 2% French, 1%% Portuguese
  • Annual GDP - 13 billion / 2.5% of Spain's Annual GDP
  • Primary Exports - Machinery, wine, marble
  • Primary Imports - Chemicals, incense, gold, diamonds
  • Leadership - This region is controlled by King Phillipe V Clemente and Queen Grace Goldtimbers
  • Terrain - Mostly rugged and mountainous; some plains, coastal lowlands

Interesting FactsEdit

1.) The Papal States are the most Holy region in The Spanish Empire.

2.) The Papal States are home to the Pope/Leader of The Holy Roman Catholic Church.

3.) The Papal States are the second oldest nation/region on POTCO.

4.) The Papal States have never been successfully conquered by anybody. They chose to secede to The Spanish Empire in 1746.

5.) The Papal States are the center of all Christendom.