The POTCO World Roleplayers Hall of Fame was created to honor the most prominent and influential roleplayers of POTCO. Constituents of the Hall of Fame are not inducted based on their allegiance, or the quality of their actions, but rather what they accomplished, as well as the lasting impact that it had upon the community, good or bad. In the Hall of Fame, members are not listed on a 1-100 scale. Rather, their positions are determined by their degree of influence. The degrees of influenced are measured on a scale from greatest to smallest - Absolute, Extreme, Heavy, Moderate, Considerable.

Name Major Accomplishments Notable Guilds Created Degree of Influence

Phillipe V Clemente (AKA) Pearson Wright
Flag-spainn (1)

King of Spain & France, Founded Russia, Switzerland, and Austria, conquered Sweden, and The Ottoman Empire, defeated countless guilds throughout various wars The Paradox, Caribbean Rangers, The Delta Empire,

The Delta Republic, Casa Di Royale, Imperio De Espana, Freedom Empire

Lord Benjamin Macmorgan

EITCo flag

Grand Lord Marshall of The EITC, Former Czar of Russia, Began the chain of "Co." guilds The Co. Empire, United Empire Absolute
Duchess of Anemois (AKA) Grace Goldtimbers

Coat of Arms French Goldtimbers

Queen of France, Former Queen of Spain, Gave rise to "Country" RP, Married Phillipe V Clemente, birthed several prominent roleplayers The French Royalty Extreme
George Augustus Breasly II (AKA) John Breasly

British Flag

King of Great Britain, Leader of the first and second coalition during The Paradoxian War, Leader of the first coalition during The Post-Paradoxian War Royal Knight Co. Extreme

If you believe that a certain individual who is not yet on this list deserves to be recognized in The Hall of Fame, please don't hesitate to leave a comment explaining why you believe he/she qualifies for an induction into the HOF (Hall of Fame).