Korouse phalanx


In The Paradoxian War, huge armies and navies came into play. The huge manpower of the nations involved allowed for absolutely brutal and bloody battles the world had never seen before in a conflict. Since these armies were extremely big and at times hard to keep track of, an Advisory was made under Jorge Clemente to better support the Spanish war machine's military. This not also worked as a group to unite the Spanish Military more, but to also act as a Military Council with the King being able to "veto" any proposition.

Main MembersEdit

  • King of Spain/Head of Northern Flank ~ King Phillipe V Clemente (Pearson Wright)
  • Overlord of Spanish Army/Head of Southern Flank ~ Augustine Clemente (Hippie)
  • Prince of Spain/Head of Eastern Flank ~ Ben Squidskull
  • Grand Lord Admiral/Head of European Western Fleet ~ William Sharkskull
  • Head of Meditteranean Fleet ~ Spadus Ignacio XI (Spade)
  • Commander of Vanguard of Northern Flank ~ Roger Goldhawk
  • Advisor of War - Jorge Clemente (George Sailward)