Rangerknight armoour

King's Guard Armour

The King's Guard is a small, highly trained, highly dedicated group of Ranger Knights tasked with protecting King Phillipe V Clemente, and the other various members of the Spanish royal family. The King's Guard is under the direct jurisdiction of the House of Clemente. The King's Guard is open only to males of pure Spanish birth, and of Catholic origin. There are never more than 500 Knights within the King's Guard, and never less than 450. 


The King's Guard was created in 1703 by King Phillipe V Clemente himself following the internal civil war in Spain between various members of the Ranger Order. The King's Guard are often referred to plainly as "Rangers" since they are some of the last surviving members of the legendary Ranger Order (Caribbean Rangers). On more than one occassion, members of the King's Guard have turned the tide of battle for Phillipe, particularly under the command of the esteemed Captain Lunius Sargento (Luuluu) in the 1710's and 1720's. Members of The King's Guard do not serve in open combat. Instead, they simply escort the King, Queen, and other members of the royal family wherever they decide to go and whenever a threat should arise, they eliminate it on sight.

Additional Requirements:

Members of The King's Guard cannot be younger than 27 years of age, and cannot be older than 50. They are required to be at least 6 feet in height, and have had at least 5 years of military experience. King's Guard members are also often only of Noble birth. 

Notable Members:

  • Sir Davy Daggerskull (Deceased)
  • Sir Leon Daggerskull (Decased)
  • Sir Edgar Ironcrash (Deceased) 
  • Captain Lunius Sargento (Luuluu) (Decased)
  • Captain Hector Raidgrin
  • Sir Roger Goldhawk (Deceased)
  • Sir Ponce De Leon 
  • Sir James Bladebones
  • Sir Jeffrey Pondbellows