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The History of RPEdit

1st GenerationEdit

  • 1623 - Spain founded under Alfonso Clement Petalbee.
  • 1624 - The Vatican founded under Pope John Paul V.
  • 1635 - Spain re-united kingdoms throughout the Iberian peninsula.
  • 1640 - France fouded under Queen Marie Antoinette.
  • 1658 - Alfonso Clement Petalbee dies and passes throne of Spain on to Spartan Petalbee.
  • (1658-1661) - Spain annexes Sicily, Naples, Sardina, Southern Switzerland, and Southern Netherlands.
  • 1682 - The EITC is founded in Southern England.
  • 1684 - Spain and France form an alliance.
  • 1690 - Spanish economy spirals downwards.

2nd GenerationEdit

  • 1695 - First signs of revolution in Spain sprout under revolutionary leader, Nate Raidhawk.
  • 1697 - Simon Treasurehawk, Phillipe V Clemente, and Dog O'Hawk all join in the revolution against Petalbee.
  • 1701 - Phillipe V Clemente seizes control over the throne of Spain.
  • 1703 - The Ranger Order collapses.

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