This is the official homepage of The Kingdom of the Swiss Confederacy. It includes a detailed list of all Swiss political affairs, military details, government details, religious details, as well as an indepth history of Switzerland since its birth in 1743.

Notable MembersEdit

King - Tylar Kroshbon/Tyler Crossbones

Queen -

Crowned Prince - Blek Kroshbon/Blake

Prince - Richerd Kroshbon/Richard Shipbreaker

Prince - Wolv Kroshbon/Wolf Crossbones 

The Ministry  Edit

Prime Minister - Josef Kohlecshmied/Joseph Coalsmythe

Minister of Warfare - Roger Warskull

Minister of Welfare -

Minister of Finance -

Minister of Defense - 

Minister of Foreign Affairs - 


Lord Chancellor ~

Upper ParliamentEdit

Lord ~ Marquis' Christopher Ironshot 

Lord ~

Lord ~

Lord ~

Lord ~

  • Members of the Upper Parliament are Marquis'

Lower ParliamentEdit

Lord ~ Baron Samuel Darkwalker 

Lord ~

Lord ~

Lord ~

Lord ~

Lord ~

  • Members of the Lower Parliament are Barons

The Church of Switzerland Edit

The Church of Switzerland is the section of the Catholic Church that is located around Switzerland, expanding into both the French Alps and Austria. it is headed by ArchBishop John Glorybane. 

Recognized Members of the Church:

  1. Pope Benedict XIV - Head of the Catholic Church 
  2. Cardinal Phillipe V Clemente 
  3. Cardinal Jack Bluehawk 
  4. Cardinal Johnny Goldtimbers 
  5. Cardinal Hannibal Clemente
  6. Cardinal Leon Daggerskull
  7. Cardinal Samuel Creststeel
  8. Cardinal Ponce De Leon
  9. Cardinal Carlos La Verde Sanita 
  10. Cardinal Diego De La Vega 
  11. Archbishop John Glorybane - Head of the Swiss Church, Overseer of Berne
  12. Bishop Willhelm Kohleschmied - Overseer of Zurich

Armed Forces Edit

The Armed Forces of Switzerland are made up of four branches. The Swiss Army, The Swiss Navy, The Swiss Special Forces, and the Militia. 

Swiss ArmyEdit

  1. Lord General ~ (TBA)
  2. Generals 
  3. Commanders
  4. Infantry Units, Artillery Units, and Cavalry Units

Swiss NavyEdit

  1. Lord Admiral ~ Izzy Dedyett (Level 50)
  2. Admirals 
  3. Commanders 
  4. Sailors, and Marines 

Swiss Special Forces Edit

  1. Field Marshall ~ Infamous (The Blue Knight, Level 45)
  2. Commanders 
  3. SOT (Special Ops Trooper) 

The Militia Edit

The Militia is different as it has no affirmed leader. It is only divided into two groups.

  1. Regulars ~ Permanent Members of the Militia during War-time. 
  2. Volunteers ~ May come and go as they please.

Swiss Trading Company Edit

~To be added~


Capital - Bern

Population - 9,000,000

Guilds - Armed Guard

Goverment type - Absolute Monarchy

Motto - Regola Svizzera

Monarch - King Tylar Kroshbon I

Name - Switzerland

Official Name - The Kingdom of the Swiss Confederacy

State Religion - Roman Catholicism

Armed Forces - 220,170

  • Switzerland = Red
  • Doppio Pact = Blue

Portraits of Members Edit

International RelationsEdit

File:250px-Britain flag.jpg

  • Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland
  • King George II
  • Allied
  • Trading
  • Very Friendly

File:250px-France flag (1).jpg

  • Kingdom of France
  • King Phillipe V Clemente and Queen Grace Goldtimbers
  • Neutral
  • Not Trading
  • Indifferent


  • Spanish Empire 
  • King Phillipe V Clemente and Queen Isabella V Clemente
  • Neutral
  • Not Trading
  • Hostile ( Slightly Indifferent )

File:250px-Prussia flag.jpg

  • Kingdom of Prussia
  • King Antonius I
  • Neutral
  • Not Trading
  • Indifferent

File:250px-Ottoman flag.jpg

  • The Ottoman Empire
  • Sultan Mahmud I
  • Neutral
  • Not Trading
  • Indifferent

File:250px-Austria flag.jpg

  • The Archduchy of Austria
  • Archduchess Hannah I
  • Allied
  • Not Trading
  • Friendly

File:250px-Poland flag.jpg

  • Kingdom of Poland Lithuania
  • King August III
  • Allied
  • Not Trading
  • Friendly

File:250px-Italian flag.jpg

  • The Papal States
  • Pope Benedict XIV
  • Neutral
  • Not Trading
  • Indifferent
  • Romania
  • Queen Elizabeth Spark I
  • Allied
  • Trading
  • Very Friendly


Lord Chancellor Elections


Words to anthem :

When the morning skies grow red
And o'er their radiance shed,
Thou, O Lord, appeareth in their light.
When the Alps glow bright with splendour,
Pray to God, to Him surrender,
For you feel and understand,
For you feel and understand,
That he dwelleth in this land.
That he dwelleth in this land.
In the sunset Thou art nigh
And beyond the starry sky,
Thou, O loving Father, ever near
When to Heaven we are departing,
Joy and bliss Thou'lt be imparting,
For we feel and understand
For we feel and understand
That Thou dwellest in this land.
That Thou dwellest in this land.
When dark clouds enshroud the hills
And gray mist the valley fills,
Yet Thou art not hidden from Thy sons.
Pierce the gloom in which we cower
With Thy sunshine's cleansing power
Then we'll feel and understand
Then we'll feel and understand
That God dwelleth in this land.
That God dwelleth in this land.
Towards us in the wild storm coming,
You yourself give us resistance and stronghold,
You, almighty ruling, rescuing!
During horror and nights of thunderstorms
Let us childlike trust Him!
Yes, we feel and understand;
Yes, we feel and understand;
That God dwelleth in this land.
That God dwelleth in this land.

File:National Anthem of Switzerland