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Grand Duke - Karl Eugen ( Christopher Ironshot )

Heir apparent - Louis Eugen ( Marc O'wallace )

Prime Minister - Richard Luther

Minister of Foreign Relations - Victoria Risa Diverti

Minister of War - Wilhelm Eugen ( no relation to the duke )

Minister of Welfare and Wealth - 

Guild - Ironshot's Marines

Foreign RelationsEdit

Great Britain - Indifferent Edit

King George II of Great Britain

Not Trading

Not Allied,

Spanish Empire - FriendlyEdit

King Phillipe V Clemente


Not Allied

Swiss Confederacy - NeutralEdit

King William II of Switzerland

Not Trading

Not Allied

The Papal State - FriendlyEdit

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XIV


Not Allied

Prussia - UnknownEdit

Not Trading

Not Allied

The Barbary States - HostileEdit

Johnny Shark Turner

Trade Embargo, sanctioned travel, not allowing immigrants

Not Allied

The Austrian Empire - FriendlyEdit

Empress Hannah Bluefeather - King Consort Ryan Blademonk

Not Allied

Not Trading

Guild UniformsEdit

Guildmaster - Capt. Black peddler set

Officers - Unlimited, Black jacket, black pants, white shirt, carpenders vest  rough tricorn. Basic, white shirt, black pants

Enlisted men - Unlimited, rough tricorn, black jacket, black pants, black shirt, any boots.  Basic, all black apparel.

SVS FleetEdit

Sea Sabre - War Brig

Unknown - Regular Sloop, Stormchaser Rank 2, Open Fire boost 3, Full Sail Boost 3.