The United Provinces is a Absolute Monarchy under the command of King Jaerdsoon van Oranje (Jarod Pillagebane).The Dutch seem to be everywhere in the world. You can find the good-laden Dutch fluyts and merchantmen in the nice, warm waters of the West Indies and including on their ships what is being exported from sugar plantations in Dutch Guyana and Curaçao. The main reason why the Dutch became the world's largest economy is because of a trading company in the East Indies and that company is called the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC, or "United East India Company") but the second reason why is because of Africa (particularly the Dutch Gold Coast, including the colonies of Dutch Guinea and Elmina, and their diamonds, gems, and gold. The current guild for the Dutch Republic is OUTLAWS under the command of Stadtholder Jaerdsoon van Oranje as Guild Master, Prince of Orange Jacobus van Oranje.