Austria Flag

General InformationEdit

  • Capital: Vienna
  • Motto: All the world is subject to Austria
  • State Religion: Roman Catholicism
  • Government type: Absolute Monarchy
  • Monarch: Emperor Albert I


Austria was founded in 1724 by Clemente's daughter, Hannah Bluefeather. Originally designed to be a province of The Spanish Empire, Austria was to be Spain's Eastern Border guard since Russia was now under the control of its enemies. However, fearing British and Russian invasion due to it being a province of Spain, Austria declared independence from The Spanish Empire in 1735. In October of 1747, former Austrian leader was overthrown peacefully by friend and current reigning onarch of the House of Spark, Emperor Albert I.

National LeadershipEdit

Imperial CourtEdit


  • House of Spark (reigning)
  • House of Whitewolf (vassal)
  • House of Adelaide (vassal)
  • House of Bluefeather (vassal)

Royal Members:

If there are numbers next to a meber's name, it means they are in line for the throne.

  • Emperor Albert I (Monarch, Spark)
  • Princess Genevieve (Crowned Heir, Spark & Adelaide) 1
  • Princess Sparky (Heir, Spark & Whitewolf) 2
  • Princess Maria (Heir, Spark) 3
  • Prince Albert II (Heir, Spark) 4
  • Lady Hannah (Guest, Bluefeather)
  • Lady Victoria (Guest, Adelaide)

Advisory Members:

  • Chief General George Sailward (Defense Advisor)


Leaders of the Provinces are to obey the Emperor who at any time may remove or appoint someone to power of each province. Any decision made can be overidden by the Emperor, though not seen very often. Leaders of these provinces are known as leaders of Duchys or Principalties in which the leader is either a Duke/Duchess or Prince/Princess respectively. Currently there are no leaders that have been appointed to the provinces.

  • Austria
    • Lower Austria
    • Upper Austria
  • Hungary
    • Croatia
    • Slavonia
  • Bohemia
  • Transylvania
  • Styria
  • Dalmatia


  • Emperor Albert is crowned as ruler of Austria