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This page is the Hall of Fame for POTCO's most famous/infamous and legendary roleplayers/kings/generals/leaders, etc. These people are truly unique, have gone to great lengths to make POTCO an enjoyable experience despite its somewhat boring concept at face value, and have truly phased/shaped us as a community in one way or another! 

Duchess of Anemois/Grace Goldtimbers

She is famous for officializing the concept of "Royal Families" in POTCO. She was the first official Queen of France behind the unofficial Marie Antoinette. She ruled during France's short~lived Golden Age under the protection of Francis Bluehawk of Francis Brigade. Grace granted Breasly, in praticality, "permission" to establish the nation of Great Britain which at first rivaled with the EITC but later joined forces with them. Through a marriage with Pearson Wright/Phillipe V Clemente she obtained power in Spain, and ruled as Queen regent for several years after their divorce. She went inactive following a discovery that she had a deadly heart condition and has not been seen or heard of since.