The Euro-Holy Western Alliance is the largest alliance on the planet, (POTCO), consisting of all catholic nations within Europe that hold loyalty to The Papacy, under The Pope, Giovanni Dominica O'Malley/Lord Hector Wildhayes.

The Euro-Holy Western Alliance was formed in 1743, mid-way through The Paradoxian War. Phillipe V Clemente
Europe map

Red - Lands in alliance with Spain, or under Spanish control. Blue - Lands in alliance with England. Green - Neutral Nations.

knew that the lands conquered by Spain would not all sumbit to the rule of a single nation, and therefore he created The Euro-Holy Western Alliance allowing every nation equal rights, but all united under a single banner. To prevent favoritism, Clemente proved to the world that he was un-corrupt by giving up his titles, and land that he had conquered, and passing on all powers to The Pope, leader of The Vatican, who would now become the leader of The Euro-Holy Western Alliance. Instead of answering to Spanish law, people now felt as if they were answering to God on Earth; The Pope.

Nations Within The Euro-Holy Western AllianceEdit

  • Spain - King Phillipe V Clemente
  • France - Queen Grace Goldtimbers and King Phillpe V Clemente
  • Portugal - Queen Grace Redskull
  • Sicily - King Ben Squidskull
  • Romania - King Albert Spark
  • Naples - Queen Jade Stormfury
  • The Papal States - Pope Giovanni Dominica O'Malley

Enemies of The Euro-Holy Western AllianceEdit

  • England - King John Breasly
  • Russia - (Officially annexed by The Spanish Republic)
  • The Netherlands - President Jarod Pillagebaine

To break free from this alliance, is to defy the laws of the Church, and to defy God. It will also result in excommunication from The Holy Roman Catholic Church.