In this story, you will find out how much of a unique life this man of the century had.

First DecadesEdit

Richard James Humphrey Luther, son of Thomas Frederick Luther and Camille Marks Luther, was born on

Baby Rich

Richard at age 3.

 December 10, 1717, inside of the fairly small country cottage just outside of Surrey, England. While Richard was growing up, his family owned a brewery and label (Luther Lager Emports), one of the most popular alcoholic substances consumed in the late 1650s and mid-1730s, contributing to the Luther's wealth. The Luthers lives in the Luther Estate, inside the open fields of Hampshire.

When Richard was the age of eight, he took up pistol, aiming at empty L.L.E. bottles twice a day. He also took up fencing with his father, who was not only known because of his brewery, but also his sword fighting skills and finesse.  



Richard at age 14.