Easter BallEdit

It looks like it's that time of year again..... Easter!..... Easter can be a great time here in the Caribbean. Parties to attend, balls to host, ships for plundering, and just getting to spend time with those you love and cherish. This year I'm hosting a Ball of my own. There will be games, events, "food", and many more things to do! It will definitely be the highlight to your wonderful holiday so I'm asking any of you to attend! You could be a pirate, or a member of a country! I could care less. 

Guest ListEdit

Name Country Rank  Seating Honored Guest
Sir Hawke England Lance-Corporal Dinner Host None
Jerimiah Bluesteel Norway Prince Dinner Host

Unknow At the Moment

Hannah Bluefeather(Blademonk Austria Queen Dinner Host Ryan Blademonk
Raidrage  The Holy City Governor of Tanatanaka Silver 


Jason Clubheart Netherlands Second In Command? Platinum None as of now


Easter Egg Hunt- In this "Bunnified" version of the classic game Hide and Seek. Our dinner hosts will hide around the Caribbean waiting for the guests to find them. Guests will work togther in teams to find our dinner hosts and the first to find all will WIN the game! 

Showing of The Guns- This is a classic event taken from the Royal Christmas Ball, countries can sign up to show of there most powerful guns. You can submit your application on my talk page. Make sure to leave the names of the contestants from your country.