(This event has passed. The information on this page has changed since. This is simply here to document history. The information here is not accurate as of 1746.)

The Council of Liria, is a council called forth by Robert Mcroberts to summon all leaders in the Carribean and Europe, to permenantly settle Royalty and Leadership disputes. The Council will be held in Robert's Dukedom of Liria, which is located in the Region of Valencia in Spain(since that location doesn't exist in game, its going to be in Fort Charles, Vachira). After this Council, there will no longer be any disputes, and should hopefully prevent uneeded wars.


1 Questions to be resolved

Questions to be resolvedEditEdit

Who is Royalty in what Country?EditEdit

Great Britian and Ireland (and Hannover)-EditEdit

John Breasly

Hiers-To be resolved


Pearson Wright

Heirs-1st Samuel Creststeel, 2nd Dandandragon, 3rd Cadet


Duchess of Anemois/Jack Bluehawk

Heirs-1st Cadet, 2nd Stardust, 3rd Dandandragon, 4th Pearson Wright


Persia-Robert Shipstealer

Mughal Empire-Tom Creshawk

Ottoman Empire-Capt Robert

Netherlands-Edward Daggerhawk

Portugal-Jeffrey Blasthawk

Russia- Ben Macmrorgan

Prussia-Up to Francis Bluehawk

Japan-Davy Gunfish

Sweden-John Macbatten

Savoy (Italy)-Captain Shadow Sail

Austria/Holy Roman Empire-Hannah Bluefeather (Salic Law was removed from Austria, but Holy Roman Emperor would be hannah's husband)

King of Sicily and Naples-Dandandragon

Duke of Tuscany-Captin Rad

Emperor of China~ Kat Blue Bonnet as a present from Jim Logan








Who is the Leader of the EITC?EditEdit

Lord Leon is the new leader of the EITC No you werent Leon, you lost power now stop it.


  • James Fitz-James Stuart, Duke of Berwick, Duke of Liria and Xavia (Robert Mcroberts)
  • King George II of England (John Breasly) .
  • Prince George III of England (Edgar Wildrat)
  • King Matthew Faye of Denmark (Matthew Blastshot)
  • Pirate King Jim Logan~ Heir to Raven's Cove, Pirate King, and Emperor of China
  • James Francis Edward Stuart (James the Jacobite)
  • Lord William Yellowbones
  • Lord Samuel Redbeard
  • Shah Robert Shipstealer of Persia
  • Sultan Capt. Robert of the Ottoman Empire
  • Jim Bloodsilver, Representing Himself, Because he has to be in everything
  • Emperor Pyotr Alekseevich Romanov ( Benjamin Macmorgan ) representing Russia and the Romanov family.
  • Tsar Pearson Historiv Romanov ( Hippie ) guest invited by the current Tsar of Russia.
  • King John Macbatten Of Sweden
  • Emperor Davy Gunfish of Japan
  • High Priestess Keira Kinover-Mar & King Zeke Adem Williams: Rulers ofThe Holy City/Island
  • King Pearson Wright - Spain
  • Queen Rainbow Unicorn - Spain
  • Prince Rad - Spain (EXILED)
  • Prince Cadet - Spain (EXILED)
  • Jack Pistol

Time and Other InformationEditEdit

Time: 8:00 PM EST Friday June 3


Location:Fort Charles

If you recieved an invitation, feel free to bring anyone else you know to ths council