Jade Stormfury: "He loved to watch people burn, the way their skin blackened and blistered and melted off their bones. He burned lords he didn't like. He burned soldiers who disobeyed him. He burned anyone who was against him. Before long, half the country was against him."

―Jade Stormfury speaks of her father years after his death


Spartan Petalbee was the father of Phillipe V Clemente, Hannibal Clemente, Samuel Creststeel, and Jade Stormfury, also the husband of Pearl Petalbee. Spartan Petalbee was born in October, of 1617 in Pamplona. He is notably famous for the creation of Spain's first major guild, "Spartan's Savvy". He reigned from 1658-1701, when he was finally deposed and executed by Phillipe V Clemente during "Clemente's Rebellion" in response to the repeated injustices he'd bestowed upon the Spanish people.


Spartan Petalbee came to power in 1658 after the death of his father, Alfonso Clemente Petalbee. Spartan is notably famous for uniting Spain together, and vastly expanding its borders into Italy, and Northern and Central Europe. Petalbee also founded the notorious "Spartans Savvy" guild which eventually transformed into several chains of guilds throughout Spain. Spartan brought Spain into its first true Golden Age, but when a widespread  pestilence of disease and famine ravaged the country in the late 1690's, thousands of peasants rose up in rebellion demanding something be done. These insubordinations provoked what became known as Petalbee's descension into madness. Petalbee's refusal to acknowledge these issues properly led to several small-scale uprisings throughout the country. All were initially quelled, and to make a demonstration of the rebels, Spartan had them burnt alive in the throne room in full view of hundreds of Spanish nobles and their families. Finally, after several years of chaos and destruction, a day of reckoning came. In 1701, Phillipe V Clemente marched on Leon, the capital of Petalbee's Spain at the time and sacked the city, destroying the remnant's of Petalbee's dynasty and ending Spartan's reign once and for all.

Jade Stormfury the daughter of Spartan Petalbee, as well Pearl Petalbee, who was once the Queen were both spared and exiled to Tunisia, Africa. 

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Spartan Petalbee is slain by Phillipe V Clemente

General InformationEdit

  • Guild - Spartans Forever
  • Pirate - Spartan Petalbee
  • Level - 50


  • Pearl Petalbee
  • Samuel Ironshot
  • Alfonso Clement Petalbee
  • John V Petalbee
  • Lucas Petalbee