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This is a subpage of The Spanish Government.

"The Boot of Europe." Spain was the first region of The Spanish Empire founded by Alfonso Clement Petalbee in 1623. It would later expand and engulf several regions throughout the planet and by 1745, would be recognized as the largest and most powerful Empire on the face of the earth.

Regional StatisticsEdit

  • Major Cities - Madrid, Valencia, Grenada, Cordoba, Malaga, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Palama
  • Capital - Madrid
  • Largest city - Madrid, 1,800,000
  • Population Placement - 23% Urban, 77% Rural
  • Population - 18,000,000
  • Military/Political details - Spain controls all militaristic and political affairs in this region. This region is The Motherland of the entire Spanish Empire. There are roughly 800,000 military personnel in this region.
  • Religious - 89% Roman Catholic, 3% Protestant, 8% Muslim
  • Ethnic - Spanish/79%, French/6%, Portugese/2%, Catalan/7%, Arab/4%, and Italian/2%.
  • Regional GDP - This region generates roughly 89 billion Pasetas, 16.9% of Spain's total annual GDP.
  • Primary Exports - textiles, munitions, fish, vegetables, fruits, crabs, iron, gold, silver, oils, mineral products
  • Primary Imports - machinery, chemicals, measuring/medical instruments
  • Leadership - Spain is directly governed by Queen Isabella V Clemente. From time to time, Phillipe V Clemente will intervene in regional government affairs, but more than often he is on leave in foreign regions.
  • Terrain - Large, flat to dissected plateau surrounded by rugged hills; Pyrenees Mountains in north

Interesting FactsEdit

1.) No foreign invader has ever successfully conquered the entirety of Spain. Only two men have ever successfully united all of Spain under a single banner; Spartan Petalbee, and Phillipe V Clemente.

2.) Spain is the second richest region in The Spanish Empire.

3.) Spain is the most well protected region in The Spanish Empire.

4.) Spain is considered to be one of the most Holy regions in all of Europe.

5.) More blood has been spilled in Spain than any other region in Europe.