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"The Bridge to Africa". Sicily was annexed by The Spanish Empire in 1672 under by Spartan Petalbee. It is the most Southern region of Italy hardly a hundred miles above Tunisia. Sicily is considered to be one of the most underdeveloped regions in The Spanish Empire as it values tradition and honor over the modern ways of society introduced by Phillipe V Clemente.

Regional StatisticsEdit

  • Major Cities - Palermo, Messina
  • Capital - Palermo
  • Largest city - Palermo
  • Population Placement - 38% Urban, 62% Rural
  • Population - 1,800,000
  • Military/Political details - Spain controls all militaristic and political affairs in this region. This region is The most southern part of Italy in The Spanish Empire. There are roughly 75,000 military personnel in this region.
  • Religious - 79% Roman Catholic, 21% Muslim,
  • Ethnic - Spanish/14%, French/1%, Italian/64%, Arabic/21%
  • Regional GDP - This region generates roughly 32 billion Pasetas, 6.1% of Spain's total annual GDP.
  • Primary Exports - lemons, olives, grapes, pistachios, wine, cheese, coral, sardine, olive oil, and beans
  • Primary Imports - Wood, machinery
  • Leadership - Sicily is governed by Prince Ben Squidskull. The Sicilian region is a part of "The Triple Legion", consisting of Sicily, Naples, and Corsica, all which as governed by Ben Squidskull.
  • Terrain - mostly rugged and mountainous; some plains, coastal lowlands

Interesting FactsEdit

1.) Since Sicily joined The Spanish Empire, it has never been conquered by any foreign invader.

2.) The Sicilian people have never once attempted to rebel against Phillipe V Clemente.

3.) Sicily is an extremely pious and humble region of The Italian Peninsula, but yet, is considered the most vicious Italian region in times of war.

4.) Sicily is a beautiful region.

5.) Sicily is a part of "The Triple Legion".