Born to ServeEdit

Sicily, also known as Driftwood Island (On Game). The Spanish control this island on the game as well.Added by Rondo, was born on the plain island of Sicily, during the Carribean Range rs. Rondo's family was raised by poor Italian merchants. His father used to serve the EITC, under Pearson Wright's division. When Pearson Wright was fired, and thrown out of power, all his men were forced into Spain to be safe. Rondo's childhood was around when freedom was nonexistant, and living was a luxury, not a right. When Rondo was 13, he was admitted into the Carribean Rangers, as a army medic. Rondo would carry ammo or food to the thirsty soldiers. Rondo learned from the top fighters of the elite society of the Rangers, especially from Spade, Luuluu, and Pearson Wright himself.

Driftwood Island, also known as Sicily. The home of Rondo, where he grew up, and where battle was taken to him. This is where he also met Carlos!

Carribean Rangers Civil War (Downfall)Edit

Only a few lived to tell the story of the fall of this elite society. The army, and government, had a very strong foundation, unlikely to fall, ever. The civil war began when a few of the top generals rebelled against Pearson Wright. The rebellion was clear for only two things, money, and power. The EITC most likely payed the generals much gold to turn against Pears. The event was tragic, very few stood by Pearson Wright, a man of god, a man of his word. Rondo seeing him fall was disturbing. Spade, and many more of his loyals, were forced to ship off, into the outer reaches of the globe, places far away from home. Then that's when Pearson Wright was reported to be "gone". After the fall of the Carribean Rangers, Pearson was nowhere to be found. Many say he was talking to god in the kingdom of god, which was highly believable during this time. During this time Rondo also lost his family during the civil war, his mother and father died in the cross-fire. Rondo's only hope of living was to follow the elite soldiers, known as templars, to a safe place.

Present Day Rondo Edit

Rondo has currently returned from his absence of the wars. He is now currently the Lord Diplomat serving Spain under the Prime Minister. Rondo has a few assassins/mercenaries who aid him in any skirmish. One of which, Sven Daggersteel. Rondo will aid the rise of Spain, once more.

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Rondo. (Now LvL 17, Maxed Sword, Level 10 Daggers)

Present Age-24