The Romaninan Naval Forces were ordered to be made by King Albert Marcus Spark the First on July 9th 1745 after he aquired the country and ruling it.The Navy started off with only two ships, those being the Flagship, the White Star, and the refitted sloop of Former Duchess Natalie Hookwrecker, the Victory Queen. Today, it is now much larger and is still growing along with the Flagship refitted with armor upgrades. ALL Navy Vessels are marked with Romania's Signature Identifcation Intials: Romanian Naval Vessel (R.N.V.).

Royal FleetEdit

All Current ships of the main fleet


R.N.V. White StarEdit

The White Star was built before Romania was given to the King. At the time, Albert, ordered the ship for personal use for transporting goods for a now deceased company.
  • 150% Armor
  • Gold and Silver Trim
  • Original Skulls and Bones Design
  • 15% Fury Broadsides
  • 12 Deck Cannons
  • Class: Medium Frigate

Battle Ships (3 Max in Fleet)Edit

R. N. V. Black RoseEdit

(Under Construction)

  • Class: War Frigate
  • X - Deck Cannons

Transports (2 Max in Fleet)Edit

R. N. V. Ghostly NemesisEdit

  • Class: Medium Galleon
  • 8 Deck Cannons

Escorts (5 Max in Fleet)Edit

R. N. V.  Fugitive PhantomEdit

  • Class: Light Sloop
  • 2 Deck Cannons