Role-Play nameplates in chat specify the allegiance of a user, as well as their position in their respective country. This feature was created and custom coded by Paradox Overlord. In order to quality for a nameplate, a user must have at least 50 edits and must of course specify their country allegiance, as well as their position in said country. In some circumstances, the wiki administration may need to verify the position that the user claims to be with the leader of his/her respective nation for the sake of factuality on the wiki. 

To request a nameplate, you may simply leave a message on one of our administrator's message walls. Your nameplate should then be added within 24 hours.  Users with no recognized country allegiance(s) do not qualify for Role-Play nameplates. For instance, if there is a user who is a Spaniard, but who is in open rebellion against The Spanish Empire, his nameplate template may be revoked. However, if he were to succeed in rebelling and deposing the monarch in power at that time, and this is well documented, and widely acknowledged as factual, those who failed to suppress the rebellion may have their nameplates revoked, and the rebels, having succeeded will then re-acquire their nameplates. 

Current Role-Play Nameplate Templates

Country Current Positions Colors

The Spanish Empire DfdFaction Spain 1229696085 6542

King, Warlord, Commander
The British Empire British Flag Prime Minister, Sea Lord
Austria Empire Tfsotal War Austria Flag Empress, General
Switzerland Malta-1sds King, Prime Minister, General
Romania Romania by l johnson32-d5hj8qr King, Prime Minister, General

Don't see your country?

If you are the current or regent monarch of a RP nation and do not see your country listed above, please message an administrator and request the colors, as well as the positions that you would like specified for your country and we will implement it as soon as possible. Additionally, if you would like a specific flag to be used for your country, please upload the image to this wiki in the proper size/format, and then send us a link to the image. This will have to be included in the code.