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"The Gentle Land". Portugal is a region roughly 1/3rd the size of Spain to its Western border along the Atlantic Coast. Ever since Clemente overthrew Petalbee's regime, Spain and Portugal have been close allies, and at the start of The Paradoxian War in 1739, Clemente annexed Portugal as a part of The Spanish Empire and instated Grace Redskull as its governor. Portugal has been known to be a very peaceful region and has never provoked any war.

Regional StatisticsEdit

  • Major Cities - Lisbon
  • Capital - Lisbon
  • Largest City - Lisbon
  • Population Placement - 31% Urban, 69% Rural
  • Population - 4,200,000
  • Military/Political details - Spain controls all militaristic and political affairs in this region. Portugal is the most Western European region of The Spanish Empire and holds the most direct route from Europe to North and South America. There are roughly 200,000 military personnel in this region.
  • Religious - 93% Roman Catholic, 6% Muslim, 1% Protestant
  • Ethnic - 73% Portuguese, 13% Spanish, 7% Arab, 6% Catalan, 1% French
  • Regional GDP - This region generates roughly 28 billion Pasetas, 5.3% of Spain's total annual GDP.
  • Primary Exports - Textile products, wood, copper, fish
  • Primary Imports - Machinery, Chemicals
  • Leadership - Portugal is governed by Duchess Grace Redskull.
  • Terrain - Mountainous north of the Tagus River, rolling plains in south

Interesting FactsEdit

1.) Portugal is considered the most peaceful region in The Spanish Empire.

2.) Portugal was the only nation during The Paradoxian War that surrendered without firing a single shot.

3.) Portugal is one of the oldest nations in RP History.

4.) Portugal is considered to be the most loyal and closest ally of Spain - (Historically) even though it is now annexed as a region of The Spanish Empire.

5.) Portugal is considered to be one of the most pious regions in all of Europe.