Pearl Petalbee is the mother of Phillipe V Clemente, Hannibal Clemente, Samuel Creststeel, and Jade Stormury, and also the wife of the former King of Spain, Spartan Petalbee. Pearl Petalbee was born in 1619, and is one of the oldest living people on earth. She is currently living in a get-away palace in Valencia, Espana.


There is little known about Pearl Petalbee other than that her eldest son, "Pearson Wright"/"Phillipe V Clemente" would inherit her first name "Pearl", as a nickname, only it would be cut short to "Pear". Pearl Petalbee was born in 1619 in northern Spain during the era of The Reconquista under Alfonso Clemente Petalbee. in 1636, Pearl married Spartan Petalbee and would later go on to give birth to several childring including the notorious "Phillipe V Clemente".

General InformationEdit

  • Guild - (Unknown)
  • Pirate - Pearl Petalbee
  • Level - 50


  • Spartan Petalbee
  • John V Petalbee
  • Samuel Ironshot
  • Jade Stormfury
  • Hector Wildhayes
  • Carlos Ienziquita 

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