Palacio De Clemente is located in the center of Madrid and is home to all prominent members The Spanish Royal Family. Although not every member of The Spanish Royal Family permanently lives here, it is open to visitors and ambassadors of all nations. Palacio De Clemente is the largest Palace on Earth with 2,932 rooms, and 428 acres of elaborate gardens and pools. The entire palace is surrounded by dense forests and a 20 foot high 10 foot thick wall with a heavily guarded outer gate.


Palacio De Clemente was originally built in 1659. However, it underwent a huge renovation during The Spanish Reconstruction Period in 1738 as The Spanish Economy began to grow rapidly throughout The Paradoxian War. Clemente invested 1.2 Billion Pesetas in expanding The 143 roomed palace into a massive fortress in the center of Madrid covering roughly 8 square miles of land.


There are 4,327 residents within The Palace, many of which are maids, cooks, guards, priests, monks, generals, admirals, commanders, and nobles. However, The Palace is also a permanent home of The King and Queen of Spain. Phillipe V Clemente himself is rarely in Madrid, but has multiple rooms reserved for him should he visit. The Queen is almost always at The Palace. Many notable permanent residents of the Palace include:

  • Isabella V Clemente
  • Stardust
  • Janet War Rage
  • Elizabeth Bane
  • Sarah Cabinbones
  • Hawkeye/ Hannibal II
  • Uther The Mean/ Hannibal I

Palace Gardens and StatuesEdit

Palacia De Clemente has roughly 430 acres of elaborate gardens, fountains, pools, and statues. Her Majesty, Isabella V Clemente can be find walking through these gardens from time to time as she is a permanent resident of Palacia De Clemente. In fact, she herself is depicted in multiple statues throughout the palace gardens.


There are 147 bedrooms throughout the palace. However, only a small amount of these are permanently occupied. The majority of these bedrooms are reserved for other members of The Spanish Royal family.

Dining RoomsEdit

There are 6 dining rooms in the palace each used for different purposes. These dining rooms are all elaborately decorated by some of Spain's most renound painters and sculptors.


There are 32 hallways throughout The Palace, all beautifully decorated, but a few of these stand out above all others. The sheer size of these hallways is simply breath-taking!