Spadus Ignacio IV (Spade): "I learned from Landon Clegane and Hector Wildhayes. I learned from Lunius Sargento, the master at arms, who could have slain all five of you with his left hand while he was taking a piss with the right, good men, every one."

~ Spadus Ignacio (Spade) speaking to new recruits during The Paradoxian War

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Lunius Sargento (Luuluu)

Allegiance =

Spain (Phillipe V Clemente), The Ranger Lord's Council (formerly)

Titles =

Major Ranger Lord, Master At Arms, Lord Commander of King's Guard (formerly)

Status =


Origin =

Seville, Spain

Culture =

Spanish, Italian

Religion =

Holy Roman Catholic

Family =

Varon Sargento (Father), Lyanna Sargento (Mother)

Born =

1675 A.D. (Valencia, Spain)

Died =

Unknown (Unknown)

Lunius Sargento, or "Luuluu", now long deceased was a legendary warrior within POTCO Roleplay and Spanish history. He was the master at arms of the legendary Ranger Order and Caribbean Rangers guild, and was considered far and wide to be the most dangerous, skilled, and honorable knight of the entire order.

Biography Edit

Lunius Sargento was among the three founding fathers of the legendary Ranger Lord's Council and Caribbean Rangers guild - the other two being Phillipe V Clemente (Pearson Wright) who was the guildmaster, and Hector Wildhayes who served as Keeper of the Code. Lunius was the cornerstone of Spain's enlightened military. He was essential to Pearson's victories during the early years after his ascension to the throne of Spain in the early 1700s. He is considered by many in Spain to have been the prequel to Spade, another famed Spanish warrior whom many believe learned much of what he knew from the teachings of Lunius and Hector Wildhayes.

At the Battle of Muerta De Clemente, Lunius single-handedly defeated Jeffrey Blasthawk, Billy Hullbatten, and Ferdinand Clemente simultaneously.

Then again, during the war of the triumvirate between the Imperialists, Moderates, and Isolationists in Caribbean Rangers, Lunius slew rebel Ranger Lords Silus Clemente, and Edgar Ironcrash whom had rose up in revolt against Pearson Wright.

Lunius disappeared shortly after the collapse of The Ranger Order. Shortly thereafter, he was granted the title of "Savior of an Empire" by Phillipe V Clemente (Pearson Wright) himself.

The exact circumstances of Lunius' demise are unclear. 

General Information Edit

  • Last Known Guild - Caribbean Rangers 
    The War of the Triumvirate

    The War of the Triumvirate

    Loyalist Ranger Lords Lunius Sargento and Leon Daggerskull battles rebel Ranger Lords Ferdinand Clemente, Silus Clemente, Edgar Ironcrash, and three other Rangers.

  • Main Player - Luuluu 
  • Level - 50 

Closest Companions Edit

  • Phillipe V Clemente (Pearson Wright)
  • Hector Wildhayes
  • Leon Daggerskull
  • Davy Daggerskull
  • Spade

Quotes Edit

Phillipe V Clemente (Pearson): "Without him, I'm not sure there'd be a Spain."

~ Phillipe V Clemente speaking nostalgically of Lunius Sargento during The Paradoxian War