Lord Hector Wildhayes, also known as Pope Benedict XIV, is the leader of The Holy Roman Catholic Church, and the founder of "The Ranger Code". In addition to being its founder, he is also "The Keeper of The Code", and one of the last surviving lords of The Ranger Lord's Council. Lord Hector Wildhayes is one of the oldest living people on Earth.


Lord Hector Wildhayes was born on October 9th of 1657 in Florence, Italy to Marquis Delagio and Julia Augusta. He was under the heavy influence of very pious Catholic priests from the first day of his life. In 1693, Wildhayes moved to Barcelona, Espana where he met up with Phillipe V Clemente and several other Spaniards who were seeking reform within The Spanish Empire. In 1695, Clemente and Wildhayes foudned "The Ranger Lord's Council", a small but elite army dedicated to keeping Spanish citizens' individual freedoms.

In addition to this, Hector also created "The Ranger Code" which would become the basis of the new laws and reform creating in Spain after Phillipe V Clemente came to power in 1701. Wildhayes returned to Florence in 1704 with several of the rangers, where he helped expand the Church's territory. In 1707, Wildhayes was chosen to be a Cardinal under Pope John V. Wildhayes would remain until 1719, when he returned to Spain to assist Phillipe V Clemente in his war against France, Britain, and the Spanish revolutionaries under Prince Ferdinand Clemente - (Also a Ranger Lord).

Wildhayes remained in Spain, assisting Clemente in wars against enemies of Spain and Catholicism for many more years until finally in 1743, Pope John V passed and The Papacy elected Lord Hector Wildhayes to the position of "Pope" when his name was then changed to "Pope Benedict XIV", formally known as, "His Holiness". Wildhayes has been in Rome since his election, and is currently the leader of The Vatican and The Holy Roman Catholic Church.

General InformationEdit

  • Guild - The Paradox
  • Pirate - Hector Wildhayes
  • Level - 46


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