La Carpa Sangre was created in 1741 by "Carlos La Verde Sanita", one of the most well-known "Pearson-Extremists". Located in Northern France, just below Paris, La Carpa Sangre, or "The Blood Tent" was one the most grusome places on Earth from 1741 - 1745. Originally created as a P.O.W. (Prisoner.Of.War.) camp, once Augustine Clemente had retreated back to Spain and Phillipe V Clemente had moved East into Italy, the young Spaniard Sanita transformed The P.O.W. camp into a "Death Camp" for British, French, Danish, Dutch, and Swedish soldiers. The horrors of this establishment were not brought to light until 1745 when Spain withdrew from Northern France. (Note: These lands were all reclaimed by Spain in 1746 during the war of French succession).

Note: that this camp was among several during The Paradoxian War. However, it is one of the most infamous, and therefore is one of the only ones mentioned here on This Wiki.

People executed from 1741-1745:

  • 1741 - (200,000)
  • 1742 - (750,000)
  • 1743 - (1,300,000)
  • 1744 - (600,000)
  • 1745 - (420,000)