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This is a subpage of The Spanish Government.

"The Spear's Tip of The Spanish Empire." Gibraltar is a tiny region on the Southern tip of Spain of great strategical importance for two reasons: One - It is the closest piece of land in Europe to Africa which allows Spain to easily move from Europe to Africa. Two - It connects the Atlantic Ocean to The Mediterranean making it a very important port as it connects and controls multiple trade routes. Spain utilizes the benefits that come with controlling this port to its utmost advantage. Any nation that sends ships through this port is heavily taxed and although many complain, there's ultimately no other alternative route, and therefore, they're forced to pay the high fees. Among the people having to pay these fees are The British. By paying these fees, The British (who use this trade route even more than The Spanish), are practically funding Spain's military campaigns. Realizing this, Britain attempted to take control of Gibraltar during The Post Paradoxian War in late 1745, but was easily defeated, and routed back to England.

Regional StatisticsEdit

  • Major Cities - (The region of Gibraltar is a city state.)
  • Capital - Gibraltar
  • Largest City - Gibraltar
  • Population Placement - 73% Urban, 27% Rural
  • Population - 60,000
  • Military/Political details - Spain controls all militaristic and political affairs in this region. Gibraltar is the smallest region in The Spanish Empire, yet is of great strategical importance. There are roughly 50,000 military personnel in this region.
  • Religious - 67% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant, 31% Muslim
  • Ethnic - Spanish/50%, French/4%, Portuguese/3%, Catalan/6%, Arab/27%, Italian/7%, British/2%, Dutch/1%
  • Regional GDP - This region generates roughly 6 billion Pasetas, 1.1% of Spain's total annual GDP.
  • Primary Exports - Fish
  • Primary Imports - machinery, chemicals, measuring/medical instruments
  • Leadership - Like Spain, Gibraltar is directly governed by Queen Isabella V Clemente. From time to time, Phillipe V Clemente will intervene in regional government affairs, but more than often he is on leave in foreign regions.
  • Terrain - Coastal desert terrain

Interesting FactsEdit

1.) Gibraltar is the smallest region in The Spanish Empire.

2.) Gibraltar is one of the most ethnically diverse regions in The Spanish Empire.

3.) Gibraltar is a region of great strategical importance. It is considered "The Spear's Tip" of The Spanish Empire by many Spaniards as without it, Spain would be merely a boot of no value.

4.) Gibraltar has the highest (PCI) -"per capita income" in the entire Spanish Empire.

5.) Control over Gibraltar has been argued over for centuries, yet has been under constant Spanish rule ever since the end of The Reconquista.