Due to the tensions between Britain, Spain, and Switzerland, I, Pope Benedict XIV have decided to call forth all Cardinals to make pilgrimage to Rome on the 23rd of May, in the year of our Lord, 1746.

This gathering will take place in the PUNW chat from 7:00PM EST - 10:00 PM EST in a private group chat. Those who are not in the chat by 7:00PM may be excluded from the meeting.

This meeting will cover the following topics:

  • How should the church respond to Switzerland's invasion of Tuscany and Hesse?
  • How should the church respond to Britain's declaration of war upon Switzerland?
  • Should Britain be excommunicated?
  • Should Switzerland be excommunicated?
  • Should a crusade be commissioned against the king of Great Britain, John Breasly?
  • Should we ask Spain to renounce its claims to certain territories?
  • Should we elect more cardinals?
  • Should we form a guild on POTCO for the church?

Once again, I ask that call cardinals attend this meeting as it is of great importance. Thank you.

- † Pope Benedict XIV

List of Invitees

 † 'Cardinal Phillipe V Clemente of Spain, France, and Russia

 † 'Cardinal Giovanni Octavius Dieudonné Del Mar Goldtimbers of Great Britain

 † 'Cardinal Carlos La Verde Sanita of Spain

 † 'Cardinal Luis Antonio Belluga Y Moncada of Spain

 † 'Cardinal Jack Antionette of France

 † 'Cardinal Samuel Creststeel of Spain

 † 'Cardinal Diego de la Vega of Portugal

 † 'Cardinal Leon Daggerskull of Nueva Espana

 † 'Cardinal Ponce De Leon of Sicily and Naples

Cardinal Sergaius de la Ensparo XI of Argentina