Born in 1702, Ferdinand Clemente is the eldest and most well-known son of Phillipe V Clemente. Many believe that he brought Spain more harm than good through his various rebellions against his father. Nevertheless, Ferdinand Clemente is one the most well-known and infamous figures in Spanish history and certainly had exceptional leadership abilities.


Born in May 10th of 1702, Ferdinand Clemente also known as "Cadet" was the most well known son of Grace Goldtimbers and Phillipe V Clemente. Ferdinand was often very gullible, and therefore easily manipulated. Spain's enemies saw this and took advantage of this by instating ideas in Ferdinand's young mind that Phillipe V Clemente and his men were evil and power hungry monsters. Ferdinand led multiple rebellions against his father Phillipe, all which Phillipe successfully repelled. Only once did he come close to actually overthrowing Phillipe during an invasion of Spain where he was assisted by both France and Britain and had roughly 20 times as many men as Phillipe. However, Phillipe's wit and strategy proved more effective than his enemy's oversized and poorly led armies. Phillipe famously stated after defeating Ferdinand at "Muerte De Clemente", that "A thousand sheep led by a single lion will do far better in battle, than a thousand lions led by a single sheep." Ferdinand was exiled several times, but was officially let back in 1740 to assist Spain during The Paradoxian War. Ferdinand went missing shortly after the end of The Paradoxian War. 

In 1748, he was found leading a small mob of angry Pro-British sympathizers in Barcelona who advocated for his instatement as King of Spain. Pitying him, Phillipe V Clemente challenged him to a duel and offered to give him the crown if he could manage to defeat him. However, Ferdinand refused and was imprisoned shortly thereafter. He is currently awaiting a court hearing to face charges for insubordination, and intent to incite revolution. 

General InformationEdit

  • Guild - Not currently in a guild
  • Pirate - Cadet

    Ferdinand Clemente during Caribbean Rangers

  • Level - 50


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