About meEdit

Greetings everyone! I am Dog O'Hawk. I play this game from 2007 and started roleplaying in 2008. I started off with Caribbean Rangers but after it's fall I joined up with Francis Brigade. For about 2 years I remained loyal to the grand Francis Bluehawk, but after his corruption I left and joined up with the EITC, where I became famous. While serving the EITC I ranked up to Lord. After that I have created The Royale Empire which is one of my first succesfull guilds. It used to hold over 480 people and almost everyone was over level 30-40. After the grand corruption of England. I have joined up with Spain again and I remain loyal to it to this very day.

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Ships CaptainedEdit

The Dark-Sail WolfEdit

The Dark-Sail Wolf is my Skull and Bones Galleon. I've had it for couple of months now, and I really think it's pretty awesome. I have been using this ship in many EITC battles.


I am Grand Lord Admiral of the Spanish Royale Navy. And I lead it into battle with glory!

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