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Following a fourth British-sponsored rebellion in Spain under Ferdinand Clemente, and a fifth British-sponsored rebellion in France under Jack Bluehawk, as well as the infinite block of The Pope from the POR Britain Wiki, as well as a ministerial order by Prime Minister Johnny Goldtimbers which stated that anyone who visited this wiki would be tried for high-treason, I feel that I've been left with no further option than to openly declare war. 

I will conquer the entirety of The British mainland, starting with a full-scale invasion of London itself. The British have 24 hours to make all necessary preparations for the first battle. Come tomorrow, they will appear on the field of battle on ATW, or they will unconditionally surrender London. If they continue to flee like cowards, then the same will happen in every other major region of the country until there is nowhere left for the rats to hide.

I will be hosting. The name of the battle will be "Spanish Invasion of Britain"

Battle Line-Up

  • First Battle - 11:00PM EST, May 22nd, 1748  (Control of London and respective 200 square mile radius) (SIEGE BATTLE) SPANISH VICTORY!
  • Second Battle (TBD)
  • Third Battle (TBD)
  • Fourth Battle (TBD)
  • Fifth Battle (TBD) 


  • Any Faction may be used. All battles will occur in British locations, starting with London.
  • No Hacks, No Mods, No Glitches
  • No Artilerry, since it is op in Attila (I will be sieging during some of the battles, so there's no reason to complain this time) 
  • 28,000 Fund Limit
  • Standard Size Armies
  • 30 Minute Time Limit

According to Johnny Goldtimbers, the attacker chooses the rules of engagement. I'd like to see what his words are worth. To reiterate, failure to appear will result in an unconditional surrender.

This time has come to choose. Let all true men declare their loyalty and come forth to pledge their support in the wars to come.

- Phillipe V Clemente, King of Spain and France