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Da Vinci's Demons is one of the smallest guilds in Spain, but also the most powerful, and probably the most influential. Da Vinci's Demons is led by none other than the King of Spain and France himself who is accompanied by several high ranking HCO's in The Spanish Government as well as multiple members of The Spanish Royal Family. Clemente created this guild as a place to house prominent members of The Spanish Government, but also to act somewhat as an "academy" to train upcoming roleplayers who are seeking a future in Spain.


  • June 28th, 1746 - Da Vinci's Demons is founded.
  • June 30th, 1746 - Da Vinci's Demon's guild name approves.
  • July 4th, 1746 - All non-royal/hco members are removed from the guild.
  • July 9th, 1746 - Clemente officially opens his guild to people of all nationalities who are seeking out a future military or government career in Spain.

The Da Vinci Code:Edit

  • Member must either have ties to Spanish or French Royalty, or have experience in sea or land combat.
  • Member must demonstrate extreme loyalty to King Phillipe V Clemente.
  • Member must look decent, I.E. - Old body, darks, brights, decent level.
  • Member must show maturity, integrity, and sophistication at all times.
  • Member must take pride in being a servant of the King.
  • Members must demonstrate Spanish/French nationalism.
  • Member must show respect and courtesy to all other members in the guild.
  • Member must teleport when asked by the GM, but on the other hand must ask before teleporting to another member if voluntary.
  • No man/woman is left behind.
  • If battle should occur, all members are expected to fight until the end. A true Spaniard never surrenders.

Protectorate Guilds:Edit

(Guilds under the protection of Da Vinci's Demons, who serve his majesty King Phillipe V Clemente.)

  • The Scurvy - (400 Members)
  • Imperial Law - (200 Members)
  • Rulers of Spain - (100 Members)
  • Protectors of Spain - (50 Members)