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"The peaceful island". Corsica is a relatively small island located to the West of Italy below France. It is a valuable Mediterranean port. Many traders, merchants, and travelers pass through here when venturing through Europe. It was gained in 1709, but lost several times throughout the various wars through Spain's history. It was officially brought back under Spain's rule after The War of French Succession in 1746.

Regional StatisticsEdit

  • Major cities -  Ajaccio
  • Capital - Ajaccio
  • Largest city - Ajaccio 
  • Population Placement - 21% Urban, 79% Rural
  • Population - 320,000
  • Military/Political Affairs - Spain controls all Military and Polotical affairs in this region. This region is currently governed by Prince Ben Squidskull and is a part of The Triple Legion which consists of Corsica, Naples, and Sicily.
  • Religous - Religion - 93% Catholic, 5% Muslim, 2% Protestant
  • Troops stationed - 15,000
  • Ethnic Diversity - 41% French, 19% Spanish, 30% Italian, 5% Arabic, 2% Dutch, 3% Portuguese
  • Annual GDP - 4 billion / 0.8% of Spain's GDP
  • Primary Exports - Fruit, cork, cigarettes, wine and cheese are the main exports.
  • Primary Imports -Machinery, and chemicals.
  • Leadership - This region is controlled by King Phillipe V Clemente and Queen Grace Goldtimbers
  • Terrain - For the most part, the terrain of Corsica is mountainous. About two-thirds of it consists of an ancient crystalline massif that divides the island on a northwest-to-southeast axis.

Interesting FactsEdit

1.) Corsica is the most mountainous out of all the regions in the Mediterranean

2.) Corsica is one of the smallest regions owned by Spain.

3.) Corsica is a critical trade HUB in the mediterranean.

4.) The legendary Francis Bluehawk is rumored to have been born on this island.

5.) Corsica is a very diverse region.