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Casa De Royale is the main government guild of The Spanish Empire. It is also known as "The Queen's Guard". Casa De Royale is responsible for directing all other Spanish Military guilds within The Spanish Army, primarily The Scurvy. The guild consists of only 12 people, 1 GM, 1 Officer, and 10 Members. Casa De Royale does not engage in warfare, and commands from behind the lines.


  • Guild Master - "The Belle"/Isabella V Clemente
  • Officer - "Uther The Mean"/Hannibal Clemente

(As this guild is new, we have not yet invited anybody else to fill the other 10 positions.)


  • Each member other than The Queen, must have the adventure coat, pants, shoes, and hat, as well as the flap long sleeve shirt, and red sack vest. In addition to this, each guard must also have the "Jack's Eye's" tattoo, and the onyx ring with a black gem on the left hand which a traditional custom started by Phillipe V Clemente during The "Caribbean Rangers".
  • Each member must be above level 40, and have maxed SvS, and be exceptionally well in both gunning and driving in SvS.
  • Each member must not hold a history of being "Pro-British" and may not be admitted to the guild without proper inspection by The Queen, Hannibal Clemente, and Phillipe V Clemente.
  • Each member must be online at least 3 days a week.
  • Each member must swear loyalty to her majesty and take an oath to protect her till death.
    • Her Majesty's Royal Guard
    • Officers of her majesty's guard

Diplomatic PoliciesEdit

The diplomatic policies for this guild are identical to those of The Spanish Empire seen on The Government of The Spanish Empire page here.

Background InformationEdit

Casa De Royale was founded after Phillipe V Clemente compromised with First Sea Lord Sven Daggersteel of The British Navy to stop using "The Scurvy" to fight all of his battles. Though Daggersteel had originally wanted Casa De Royale to be a "Fighting" guild, Clemente did not accept this as he refused to endanger The Queen.