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Rose Beckett Rose Beckett 19 June 2016

My Apology

Querido Carlos Da Vinci Clemente:

Yo conto lo siento Usted no pensó que daría la vuelta y decir. Que es demasiado tarde para disculparse, es demasiado tarde yo sera nunca me disculparé. Que sea demasiado tarde Me gustaría tener otra oportunidad. Tener una caída , tomar una disparar de Cadet........

Quemamos usted quemar con nosotros....Es usted, usted es viniendo al árbol? Se colgaron a un hombre Dicen que  el mató a tres. Cosas extrañas sucedieron aquí No sería extraño. Si nos encontramos a la medianoche, En el árbol de la ejecución. Es usted, usted es Llegando al árbol? Donde el hombre muerto llamó por su amor a huir . Cosas extrañas sucedieron aquí no sería extraño. Si nos encontramos a la medianoche en el árbol de la ejecución .

Yo Nunca va…

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Lord Hector Wildhayes Lord Hector Wildhayes 29 May 2016

Excommunication of Ferdinand Clemente IV (Cadet)

Good evening,

At the request of the King of Spain, I have been asked to excommunicate Ferdinand Clemente for his crimes against Spain and its people as well as his dishonorable deeds as a Catholic man as of late. Some of his most infamous actions include the wedding and bedding of Rose Beckett who is not of our faith, and has already been married many times over, as well as his four failed rebellions against his own father and king.

As I said years ago I have lost my religion. It is true, I was once a catholic. We did hold reliious gatherings during Caribbean Rangers on POTCO. However, I have lost my faith since then and therefore feel it necessary that I resign my position as Pope and return home to Spain where I will await further instruct…

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 29 May 2016

Response to Ferdinand's made-up victories against Britain

So apparently a Spanish rebel defeating the British on ETW who have pretended to be me grants him the throne of Spain. I think not. The pictures say it all.  I've said from day 1 that I do not own ETW. Cadet owns ATW. I own ATW. We battle on ATW, or Cadet forfeits. He failed to show up. He forfeitted. 

Despite these screenshots, he's continued to try his luck, and lie even further saying that I simply got a "Refund" of the game after I lost the battle which is the stupidest thing I think I have ever heard come out of his mouth. If in fact we did battle, when did we agree to? He's never come to this wiki. He sends his girlfriend to negotiate for him (which is laughable in and itself), and neither of us have spoken to each other in over a wee…

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 26 May 2016

Proposal for new requirements of rule of nations

So recently a lot of people have been making false claims to territories which are not theirs. While this in itself is rather disturbing, what is even more so is the fact that these people have virtually no followers whatsoever, nor have they ever. 

Exhibit A - Ferdinand Clemente (Cadet) is claiming ownership of The Spanish Empire despite losing three rebellions in a row on POTCO, never maxing a single guild, and presently having zero followers, and a wiki with a total of three pages, one of which is a complete duplicate of a page on here (His own character bio), and two others which contain virtually no content whatsoever. Furthermore, he is attempting to marry Rose Beckett, a Protestant of British descent, and former member of the Co. Emp…

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Lord Hector Wildhayes Lord Hector Wildhayes 21 May 2016

Community cleansing


First off, let me start by saying that I have regained control of my Skype account. I know there's some of you out there who in the past have accused me of being another person, or otherwise. If you're still paranoid and truly want to have one-on-one time with me that bad then we can talk. 

Things were looking so bright some months ago and now it looks like everything's just going down the crapper! It's because of this that I've been woken from my long slumber of inactivity and have come here today to voice my opinion. I'm not going to go too far down the rabbithole with you guys. I just have a few things I'd like to say. 

Firstly, this whole wiki war is stupid. There's like a few dozen of us left. This has turned into a South-Korea / …

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Rose Beckett Rose Beckett 20 May 2016

Impressions of all the Roleplayers

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 19 May 2016

Response to the demands of the rebel traitor Ferdinand Clemente

UPDATE: Ferdinand Clemente/Cadet lost three, out of the three battles and has therefore, for a fourth time in a row, lost another rebellion. He will now return to wonder where he will, and liveout his exile in Britain or otherwise.

Firstly, I'm going to make this clear. I have ATW. You have ATW. I do not have ETW. I thought I still did. I don't. We will be battling on ATW. I'm not re-purchasing a $20 game, slowing down my internet during the download process, and using up storage on my computer just to battle you. That's stupid. If you're too afraid to battle on ATW, you'll just forfeit your entire rebellion altogether. 

Moving on...

Your blog consisted mainly of redundancies and slander, so I'm going to look past most of those as any mature ind…

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 18 May 2016

Custom Nameplate Update

I recently added several new features to the wiki's css and js last night. A lot of it was completely coded from scratch. I'd like to stress one of these features in particular. Essentially, any user may now have at least one nameplate of their choosing on their userpage provided that it is approrpriate, relevant, and at least somewhat factual. It can literally be almost anything, so long as it is related to RP in some way. 

Please reference my own userpage.  http://potco-world-roleplay.wikia.com/wiki/User:Paradox_Overlord

If you are interested in having your own custom nameplate, leave a request in the comment thread and I will take it into consideration. :)

Warm regards,

Paradox Overlord (talk) 21:31, May 18, 2016 (UTC)

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 17 May 2016

The fate of our community

Good evening, or rather, morning to some of you

As you all I know, I am Pearson Wright/Phillipe V Clemente, the rightful King of Spain and France. The following document is written directly to the British roleplaying community of POTCO/TLOPO. I implore you all to use wisdom, and sound judgement in reviewing the various provisions that I have outlined. These provisions have been agreed upon by myself, Sir Joseph Grey, Johnny Goldtimbers, and James Goldtimbers. Most of the provisions here are subject to change. 

Almost all of us began our wiki adventures on the PPW (POTCO Players Wiki) many years ago, some more than others. Unfortunately, following several horrible policies enacted by a plethora of very incapable administrators there, we (The …

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 13 May 2016

New Wiki Badges Update

Many of you may have noticed recently that after roughly a year of complete inactivity, I've been making an extended effort to revvamp and re-populate this wiki. A lot of you, no doubt are probably asking yourselves: "What the Hell is he doing that for?". You'll find that out in due course. 

In an effort to become less isolated and more secular, I've updated the badges removing the standard "Templar Crosses" and have given each badge its own unique .jpg or .png image most of which are of events/people/places directly off of POTCO. 

Feedback is definitely warranted. Let me know what you think. 

You can take a look at some of the badges as well as your current standing in the POTCO World Roleplaying community by visiting: Special:Leaderboard


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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 12 May 2016

Letter to the false-king and rebel traitor Ferdinand Clemente I

Dear, Ferdinand Clemente I, or "VI" as he claims

You have falsely claimed to be the King of Spain and all of its constituent territories for a fourth time despite the fact that you were exiled and disowned long ago for this exact reason. Your delusional and incompetent friends on the "Pirates Online Rewritten Britain" wiki have seemingly led you to believe that you are entitled to the throne of Spain despite the fact that your father is still alive and well. It seems the past three failed rebellions haven't fully quenched your thirst for inciting chaos and anarchy. These circumstances bear a sharp resemblance to those of the past if you recall. You failed miserably then. I'm not sure what madness has led you to believe that you'll succeed t…

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 29 September 2015

The History of POTCO World RP in 30 Minutes (Movie Series)

I've created a series with clips from movies that I deem best fit our RP. There will be three parts to this series. The first part is 1690s ~ 1745. The second part will be 1745 to 1747, and the third part will be documentation of events on TLOPO. There are a few small minor bugs in the first movie with text boxes, and audio near the end. I am working on fixing this. Until then, please enjoy. :)

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 18 March 2015

Discrediting of the "POR Britain Wiki" as a legitimate source of POTCO RP Wikipedia information

Given the fact that The POR Britain Wiki:

  • Posseses an administration which belittles people with mental disorders, and/or those who are born with mental and/or physical defficiencies.
  • Posseses an administration which creates countless numbers of fake "sockpuppet" accounts in an attempt to try and "overwhelm" their rivals, "Spain" and give themselves a "louder" voice as to press false claims against what is fact and what is written despite the fact that POTCO has been closed for well over a year now, therefore invalidating any future conquests/new claims, etc. 
  • Posseses an extreme bias towards anyone who is not under the direct jurisdiction of "British Law". Example: Banning a Spaniard for saying "Wtf", then laughing when a British man says "F…
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Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni I Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni I 28 February 2015

First Papal visit to the Kingdom of Spain!

His Holiness, the Pope shall make a holy visit to the cities of Spain to ensure the pagan cults are eradicated. The Spanish government are demanded to assist God in this inquisition; all non-believers will be forced to convert or they shall be deported. If they refuse, they will suffer the fate of the Spanish Inquisition.

God protects. Amen.

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Lord Hector Wildhayes Lord Hector Wildhayes 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. :)

I hope we can all put aside our differences for a few days and enjoy the holiday and festivities! Love you guys. :D

Lord Hector Wildhayes (talk) 05:38, December 25, 2014 (UTC)

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Lord Hector Wildhayes Lord Hector Wildhayes 6 December 2014

Administrative Blog: Wiki Transformation Proposal

Unfortunately, The POTCO Rewritten project has sadly come to an end despite the efforts of all of its undaunted supporters. The POTCO Players Wiki is no longer directly affiliated with POTCO. The POTCO Wiki is severely inactive and the POTCO Rewritten Forums are being shut down sometime this month. I recognize there's a great deal of emotional nastalagia still circulating on our wiki. However, we need to evolve. I suggest that we merge this wiki into a multiMMORPG Wiki open to several different online pirate games such as POTBS, POTCO Isles of War, etc. Of course, this isn't something that could be done overnight. We'd have to change a ton of things on the wiki, the letterhead, links, theme, pictures, words, etc. It'll be a tough project an…

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 5 December 2014

Administrative Blog: Administrative vote ~ Demotion of Ze Assassin


Since the community vote was unsuccessful in the sense that neither side was able to reach either a 2/3rds majority or 10 votes, I have overulled the community request since it's been over a week since its initial proposal per Clause IV: Supremacy and have turned this into an administrator only vote.

Ze Assassin will not be able to vote since this is a request pertaining to him. That being said. I would like the following users to cast their votes within the next 24 hours. Other users are free to partake in sharing opinions but their votes will not be counted. 

  • Paradox Overlord
  • Lord Hector Wildhayes
  • Isabella V Clemente
  • Jack Darksteel

  • Lord Hector Wildhayes (…

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JackDarksteel JackDarksteel 26 November 2014

Committee Proposal: Nation of The Month

So... I have an idea to boost patriotic fervour as well as activity in general upon the wiki. We should start a Nation of the Month committee and give out awards each month to whichever nation has contributed most to the wiki. This can be decided by an electoral council (the committee) of three or four electorates. What do you guys think? Yes? No? Adjustments? Dejustments? Let me know.

Keeper of the Code~Captain John Fatbeard 20:03, November 26, 2014 (UTC)

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Sir Joseph Grey Sir Joseph Grey 25 November 2014

Petition to Rename the Wiki

I would like to respectfully petition the Administration here to rename the Wiki into something that identifies this as a Hub for the Spanish Empire. It does not represent any other nation in any way, and Britain has declined to be represented on this wiki. 

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Lord Hector Wildhayes Lord Hector Wildhayes 23 November 2014

Administrative Demotion Request: Ze Assassin

Looking at some of the feedback from people I've concluded that they're right about one thing: we have way too many Spanish administrators here. That being said, I propose that we demote Ze Assassin to chat moderator since he's inactive. This would open room for a nonSpanish administrator. :)

  • Lord Hector Wildhayes (talk) 17:43, November 23, 2014 (UTC)
  • Duke Hannibal Clemente
  • Duke Carlos La Verde Sanita of Barcelona
  • Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark)
  • Viceroy Ben Squidskull

  • Paradox Overlord (talk) 17:54, November 23, 2014 (UTC)
  • Jack Darksteel
  • Johnny Goldtimbers

  • Sir Joseph Grey
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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 21 November 2014

Rule Request: Deny participation in votes to inactive users

I've observed that often times whenever we hold an important vote, some of our inactive friends from the PPW and the Pro British Wiki will come on here just to turn the vote against us. They do meet the 50 edit count rule, but virtually all of their edits span from comments to messages on people's walls. That being said, I believe that any user who has not contributed at least one mainspace edit within 2 weeks should be disallowed to vote. They cannot make an edit when a vote comes up and then say, "Ok, I'm eligible." The edit must have been made at a maximum of 2 weeks before that. It could even be a day before that. It doesn't matter when. 

This vote will close once one side has reached 10 votes.

  • Paradox Overlord (talk) 14:02, November 21,…

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Lord Hector Wildhayes Lord Hector Wildhayes 16 November 2014

Fun Blog: Comparing people of The Paradoxian War to people of WW11.

So... I'm really bored and just thought I'd do this for fun. Nobody take any extreme offense here! I'm not trying to be mean. :) 

  • Hitler ~ Pearson Wright/Phillipe V Clemente. Sorry. Spain declared war on Russia and in response France and Britain came to its defense... alot like WW11 if Russia were Poland. Also, Spain under The Paradoxian administration sent people into the "undesireable" guilds and enslaved them by taking the GM position over. 
  • Field Marshal Rommel ~ Myself/Lord Hector Wildhayes. I consider this to be myself because like Rommel I was a very patriotic Spaniard but I spoke up for what I thought I was right and just as this eventually led Hitler to become so angry that he "terminated" Rommel, Pearson ended up "terminating" me. :D…
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Lord Hector Wildhayes Lord Hector Wildhayes 25 October 2014

Community proposal: Share Wiki Youtube Channel throughout administrative team

So... I've noticed that most of the songs on our playlist which play continously on the mainpage, recent activity, and some userpages and articles are all chosen directly by Pearson, often without input from anyone else. I'm also aware that this playlist links directly to a Youtube channel which was solely made for a playlist for this wiki. That being said, I think it'd be more fair if the entire administrative team had access to this channel so that we could pick some of our own songs to add to the playlist. :)

Lord Hector Wildhayes (talk) 21:06, October 25, 2014 (UTC)

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The Emperor Nexus The Emperor Nexus 15 October 2014

Address to Albert Spark 2

Albert, I hearby extend to you a formal invitation to one of my military camps in the Alaskan wilderness to discuss matters of nessecity. Know this however, the camp is near the summit of Mt. McKinley, do not attempt to get men up there, there is not enough room your men would fall and die (trust me I have tried). 


- Basil Brawlmonk

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Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) 15 October 2014

Exile of Basil Brawlmonk IV

His Execllency of the Austrian Empire on this 15th day of October in the year of our lord, 1747; hereby declares Basily Brawlmonk IV of Bucharest, Former Prime Minister of Romania; exiled from ALL dominions of Austria, of the Spark & Whitewolf Families, and a trespasser of any foreign property within other countries owned by these families. Should he be found in any of these territories he shall be immediately executed for trespassing and treason.


Emperor Albert I of Austria

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The Emperor Nexus The Emperor Nexus 15 October 2014

Basil's Armies Officially Leave Romania

After a brutal campaign against a large uprising, utterly crushing the Rebellion they returned home to Burachest to find the city in ruins and Spainard camps. Basil was hiding in a secret keep holding out outside the city. When he heard his armies he came out and announced to them "King Albert Spark has betrayed our beloved Romania to the Spanish, we must leave Europe, we will be under attack soon gather the others". All the remaning armies that were loyal to Basil Brawlmonk left with him commendering over 400 ships and ship of the lines to transport themselves to a route Basil Brawlmonk had planned out. They escaped Europe and a year later, they landed in the unihabited side of North America. Not a single man died. They met thousands of n…

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The Emperor Nexus The Emperor Nexus 15 October 2014

Address to Albert Spark

Dear Old Friend,

                      I never thought this day would come, but I was foolish thinking we would ride this title wave forever. I knew one day your weak heart would give out, and you would sell your soul to the devil himself. I sensed your loyalty to Pearson, from the moment I met you. You always hinted it very subliminaly. I never thought the day would come, but towards the end I thought it was matter of when you would just give out, not side with Pearson. But, it appears I was wrong. You gave me a place to develop my skills in everything, and for that I am forever thankful. I know you and your new buddies up in the Spanish Empire will see this and laugh and make fun of me for it, but I have an opinion its your perogative whe…

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 14 October 2014

POTCO World Roleplay Update: POR Europe RP Map 1747

  1. Orange = The Spanish Empire
  2. Red = The British Empire
  3. Yellow = Austria
  4. Muddy Green = Iceland
  5. Pink = Switzerland
  6. Neon Green = Genoa
  7. Brown = Wuttemberg 
  8. Purple = Poland
  9. Light Blue = The Netherlands
  10. Black = Prussia
  11. Gray = Disputed and/or unclaimed territories

Paradox Overlord (talk) 21:46, October 14, 2014 (UTC)

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Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) 13 October 2014

Treaty of Iasi 1747

To my fellows of the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland, the unrecognised and disgraceful government of the Sultanate of the Ottoman Empire, and my dear friends of Romania; I come here to announce the result of a late meeting between Spanish and Romanian Officials.

In this meeting it was concluded that any claims made to the Ottoman Empire, which under my false reign extended as far south as the Ethiopian Empire and as north as the Papal States which were all false conquests are in fact and undoubtedly false. The only lands in which I have ruled under legitimately is the Kingdom of Romania which was established in April 1745 and now ends on October 1747.

The lands in which I formerly ruled on and off will be ceded to th…

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Lady Jade214 Lady Jade214 10 October 2014

Fire & Ice

Just checking in, seeing if anyone is around..just finished watching Thursday Night Football, can't believe the Colts won against the Texans..Oh well, better luck next time.. :)

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 10 October 2014

The Spanish Government: POR Reformation

Basically, just clarifying who controls what in our government right now, and what people's ranks are, who is still with us, etc. Pay attention. This is official. Don't come at me a year from now with a load of crap. 

  1. Spain ~ King Phillipe V Clemente
  2. France ~ King Phillipe V Clemente
  3. Portugal ~ Magistrate Jeffrey Blasthawk (Grace Redskull is now deseated due to suspected treason).
  4. Sweden ~ Magistrate Jack Darksteel
  5. Russia ~ Magistrate Jack Darksteel
  6. The Ottoman Regions/Provinces (Former Territories of The Ottoman Empire) ~ Duke Hannibal Clemente
  7. Sicily and Naples ~ Prince Ben Squidskull
  8. Rome/The Papal States and Milan and Tuscany ~ Lord Hector Wildhayes
  9. Austria ~ Duchess Isabella V Clemente
  10. All Spanish territories in North America, The Caribbean, an…

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Lord Hector Wildhayes Lord Hector Wildhayes 7 October 2014

POTCO World Roleplay Wiki: Reformation Proposal

It's come to my attention that three of our four administrators considered themselves to be Spaniards. The one who is not has a pending demotion request. I consider this a big issue. As per our title, we are not a Spanish wiki. Nothing in our rulebook, our community message, or our mainpage suggests otherwise. This wiki was meant to be diverse, and it should be. That being said, I believe that Ze Assassin should be demoted back to chat moderator since his promotion didn't even have a community request, and should Gman be demoted he should be replaced by a British administrator. 

In addition to that, I think that there needs to be more pages created for other countries. We have to be the change that we wish to see. We have a very good wiki h…

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JeffreyBlasthawk JeffreyBlasthawk 6 October 2014


so i finally got minecraft. sooo yeeaaaaaaaaa

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 5 October 2014

New Halloween Wiki Music Playlist for October!!! WHAT SONGS DO YOU WANT TO HEAR?!?!!?

I know I literally just made a blog, but so much has or was supposed to happen in the past week! Our Wiki's second birthday was last week. Sorry for not announcing that, but oh well. Anyways, it's the month of October and I'd like to add some more Halloween~oriented theme music into our Wiki's music playlist. Feel free to comment some songs below that you'd like added so you can listen~while~you~read and I'll check them out. 

Paradox Overlord (talk) 17:02, October 5, 2014 (UTC)

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Lord Hector Wildhayes Lord Hector Wildhayes 5 October 2014

Establishing my standing in the grand scheme of things..

Just to clarify, I am a bureaucrat and administrator on this wiki and although may challenge Pearson's decisions and choices greatly as I have so many times in the past, I am a Spaniard and will of course therefore always do what is in Spain's best interest. I was never "The Pope". I am Lord Hector Wildhayes, Keeper of the Ranger Code. I have no interest in being The Pope. Therefore, The Papal States or whatever other lands The Pope controlled historically can cede to Spain. You have my permission since apparently I was The Pope in a past life.

Anyways, please forgive me for my outburst in The British First Division Wiki chat. I just needed to get all of that off my chest. What is done is done. When I really do think about it I know that Pe…

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 5 October 2014

Administrative Survey: Who of you are still devoted to serving The Crown(Spain)?

There's been a lot of tension recently amongst many of my subordinates. I'm not going to state names. If you're still loyal to the cause of the Fruit, and consider yourself to be a seedling of righteousness, then please say so in the comments. If not, there's no need for you to say anything. Your comment will likely be deleted. 

Paradox Overlord (talk) 15:47, October 5, 2014 (UTC)

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 30 September 2014

Demotion ~ G~man

I haven't seen Gman around here in quite some time. I don't feel like his services are required any longer. We're all stilled banned on the PPW and this wiki is top~notch. Sorry mate. Like the last demotion though (passed), I'm going to look for input on this one.

  • Paradox Overlord (talk) 23:43, September 30, 2014 (UTC)
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Mermaidqueen Mermaidqueen 28 September 2014

Enough with the lies sun

Boys and girls,this is my real account. 

You're all fools for believing that could ever be me, commenting on pointless, false posts about me, the game, Pearson? No.... The reason I made this is because I thought everyone should see past the front Pearson has put up. Im sure he has talked a lot of trash about me, which is fine, I couldn't careless. But PRETENDING to be me, is so sad. Im only here because I got so bored out of my mind I wanted to read some stuff online, and I came here to see if it was still active, then I see that Pearson has been using that old account and is saying things, portraying me. Sigh. Save yourself the trouble and don't listen to Pearson, at all, because he can be honest about simple things its true, but he will D…

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The Emperor Nexus The Emperor Nexus 25 September 2014

Address from the Romanian Empire

To whom it may concern,

          The Romanian Empire has seen many trials and tribulations due to the dying POTCO Community. We have lost some of our best men, including the untimley death of Lord General Johnathen Daniels. Charles Warmonk, our Minister of War remains in Burachest at this moment. Kate Thorn one of the head Officers of Romania has gone off to college and is away full time to focus on her studies which I do not blame her for. Shamrock O'Hayes is currently in Burachest drafting military plans. The Empire has built a monument to Johnathen Daniels that stands on top of Moldoveau peak in Moldova. The time away from POTCO, has allowed the Romanian Government to really reform and pay attention to the structure and economy of our e…

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Lord Hector Wildhayes Lord Hector Wildhayes 23 September 2014

The Real Hector (I'm back)

Alright, idk what the Hell happened but I'm back. I just want to make some things clear cause I know a lot of people are beyond confused...

  • I have not had access to this wiki account for.. a little over a year. Pearson was using it with my permission. I've been busy with other things.
  • The "Pope" or whatever I was portrayed as, was never really me. I'm atheist. I'm the Hector Wildhayes you all know and love that was in Caribbean Rangers was was terminated in The Paradox (Pearson). 
  • I do not have a skype, so please stop asking to talk to me.
  • I am a Spaniard... but I personally never commissioned any "cruades". 
  • I am the author of the Ranger Code, and whatnot.

Anyways. I'm off school for some time so I wanna catch up and all. Let me know if any of …

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 17 September 2014

Admin Demotion ~ Isabella V Clemente

Usually I just handle all of this behind the scenes... but I knew a lot of you would probably end up coming to me asking what happened, so I'm going to let the community take a vote on this one.

Well, the entire wiki itself is pretty inactive to be fair, but Bella has completely pulled out. She isn't here, ever, and me and her aren't together anymore, so I doubt she will ever be back, and if she is, it'll only be briefly. Anyways... I didn't want to just do this without input because we'll need a replacement administrator. So... let me know what you guys think. 

  • Paradox Overlord ~ She's inactive, and has shown no sign of planning to return for some time, if at all.
  • XxLeCaptainxX ~ Doesn't fulfill duties as an administrator.

  • Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Duk…

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 16 September 2014

Yet again, another update

Hey guys, no I haven't forgotten about you. I'm still around. I'm super super super busy with school so getting online during the week is pretty much out of the question. I can talk on Facebook and the Wiki but not so much play any games. 

I'll just be up front with you all. I've been busy partying my ass off every weekend and that might not be entirely fair to some of my loyal followers here so I'll try and make an extended effort to spend more time with my online friends here. :) Truth is, after me and Bella broke up a massive void opened up in my life and I needed to fill it. I've dated 3 other girls in the past month as you've probaly seen per all the ridiculous Facebook pictures. I've been struggling with some drugs and stuff. I was in…

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 6 September 2014

Another update

Yeah, so I'm still super busy with school right now. The server is still up, and will continue to be up indefinitely. Anyone is free to use it. I won't be able to get on much at all for some time but I'm not leaving for good. I check in on the wiki every couple days so I'm not "dead" or anything. If you really need me for something, just leave a message on my wall or hit me up on Facebook. That always works. 

Regarding update:

Please use 1.7.9 until 1.eight is compatible with Bukkit. I can't control when that will happen but as soon as it does I will be sure to update the server. The reason it's not 1.eight right now is because if I update it to that, none of the plugins will be compatible with it.

Paradox Overlord (talk) 10:53, September 6, …

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 19 August 2014

Update regarding my recent inactivity

Basically, I've been super super super super busy with school and me and Bella are having some major relationship issues so I'll be off and on for the next couple weeks. The server will remain up indefinitely, as I promised. That being said, you're all free to access it whenever you choose. :D 

Furthermore, for some unexplained reason I was infinitely banned on the "MC Nations" Wiki. So anyone who is confused as to why I am no longer editing there, well, just ask Scot. I truly have no idea. 

Anyways, leave me a message on my wall if you need me. I'll check in here as often as possible. 

Paradox Overlord (talk) 22:49, August 19, 2014 (UTC)

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 3 August 2014

TheParadoxMC Beta Update: (8/3/2014)

From now on, whenever our server hits a new milestone I'll be making these updates, hopefully once a week or two with information regarding our server. Stay tuned for more information. If you're interested in joining our server you can connect via:


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/theparadoxmc

Update features:

  • Added NPCs with sentry and sentry guard trait. (Allows for soldiers with specific uniforms and functions for each individual faction. You can tune out their skins, clothing, weaponry, range of attack, targets, etc.
  • Added HouseOfWright Faction with the cities Elsdontown and Blackhaven and the castles Eysnford, Craster's Keep, and Westerin. 
  • Created HouseOfSavoy Faction with the city Turin.
  • Created roads linkin…
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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 25 July 2014

Update regarding our Minecraft Server

As you all know, several months ago I took a huge risk with the release of TheParadoxMC.com after we moved from a smaller host to a dedicated host, and, to be blunt, went around $1,000 in debt. Fortunately, our donations covered a large chunk of this... and we were able to save all of the files, plugins, configs, worlds, etc. 

Unfortunately, I will not be bringing this exact server back. However, the Towny/Factions server that I am currently playing on will soon be going under the new IP of TheParadoxMC.com seeing as I still have that IP registered under my name for another four years. We're staying with a modest host called MCProHosting. Our server can handle about 60 people online at a time, and has no lag whatsoever. As said above, it wi…

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 23 July 2014



You heard it.

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JeffreyBlasthawk JeffreyBlasthawk 23 July 2014


So i hear theyre changing the name of their wiki to United Gamers Wiki


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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 17 July 2014

The 1st Annual POTCO Wiki Purge

As you all know, tomorrow is the day that The Purge (Anarchy) is released in theaters. To honor this, we will be allowing for a compromised number of 2 hours from 10PM to 12AM EST (Eastern Time U.S.) in which users will be able to say ANYTHING they want to in our chat room. All terms and phrases are allowed, and you can direct your anger towards any individual that you want.


Remember all of the good that The Purge does. :) 

Paradox Overlord (talk) 00:25, July 17, 2014 (UTC)

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G-man. G-man. 11 July 2014

What We Need

  1. Purchase the domain
  2. Get web hosting for the forum
  3. Use https://www.phpbb.com/ for the forum
  4. Set up the forum site
  5. Get the developers on the site, give them a list of things that need to be done
  6. Get advertising and sponsorships from YouTubers and people within POR
  7. Way later on we need to rent serverspace, not sure who to rent it from yet
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