The Battle of León was the final battle of The Spanish Civil War of 1697 - 1701. King Spartan Petalbee made his final stand in León on February 10th against the rebel forces under Phillipe V Clemente. The Battle of León is said to have several significant underlying meanings beyond the actual direct outcome of the battle. For instance, the victory at León marked the beginning of Clemente's reign as The King of Spain on February 10th which is ironically Phillipe V Clemente's birthday. 

Spartan Petalbee's army was composed of all of the Noble Houses of Basque and Gallencia, as well as several of the Noble Houses of Castille and Aragon. Roughly 3/4ths of what remained of the Royalist forces were stationed within a 100 square mile radius of León at this point in the war. 

Phillipe V Clemente's army was composed of the entire Ranger Order, as well as several Noble Houses of Catalonia, Lusitania, and Baetica. Additionally, Phillipe's younger brother Samuel Cresteel contributed an army of over 20,000 sellswords of "Casa De Los Bandidos". Virtually all of Clemente's forces were present at the Battle of León. 

The Battle of LeónEdit

King Spartan Petalbee was slain by Prince Phillipe V Clemente during the battle, resulting in a crucial and critical victory for the rebel forces. Lord Ignacio Wildhayes, father of Hector Wildhayes was also killed during the battle. Several unnamed lords of Basque and Gallencia were slain as well.

General Samuel Ironshot was severely injured but was spared by Phillipe V Clemente who sent his personal doctor to treat the grave injuries of Ironshot. He was later exiled to Tunisia along with Princess Jade Stormfury, and Queen Pearl Petalbee who had pledged never to betray Spartan during the war.

The entirety of Spartan Petalbee's army was completely annihilated whilst roughly half of Phillipe's forces were lost. 


The defeat marked the end of the Petalbee Dynasty, as well as the end of the Spartans Savvy enterprise of guilds on POTCO and ushered in the beginning of Phillipe V Clemente's reign as the ruler of Spain.