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The Battle of Barcelona was one of the major turning points during The Spanish Revolution of 1697-1701. Queen  Marie Antoinette of France ordered General Dog O'Hawk to turn on The Spanish Revolutionary Generals Phillipe V Clemente and Nate Raidhawk. This would have been a fair battle had Clemente and Raidhawk not discovered the plot prior to the attack. The Battle of Barcelona was a military disaster for France and it permanently ended O'Hawk's campaigns in Spain. However, it would not be the last of France or O'Hawk. Clemente would him again during The French Civil War of 1711 at The Battle of Paris where O'Hawk would meet his ultimate fate.


  • French - 35,000
  • Spanish Revolutionary - 4,000


  • Dog O'Hawks military campaigns in Spain were permanently ended. France's role in The Spanish Revolution was also ended. Clemente had one less rival to take out before claiming Spain for himself.