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Basil Brawlmonk was a Pirate, Warlord, a Prime Minister and eventually a king who was active from November 2007- December 2012 (as original Basil) (January 2013-July 2013 on Newer Basil) when his account was compromised during the infamous "Captain Leon Hacking Spree" as its known. Basil got his account back for a little bit, but the damage was done and he was terminated shortly after. Basil was notable for his role in the 2nd Paradoxian War. He was never a huge power, however he was able to fight the Spanish and the British for a little bit. At the height of his power, as guildmaster of S.P.A.R.T.A.N.S. which was more of a pirate guild than anything else, he destroyed United Allies. He wiped the Warlord "Super Fresh" from the map for good, handily defeated the Warlord Gabriel when he was at the height of his power. After S.P.A.R.T.A.N.S. was compromised due to Brawlmonks stupidity for letting Captain Leon into his account who was posing as a friend of Basils, he came back and pulled United Allies, a guild he had destroyed and brought it up from nothingness and maxed it just for kicks with 20+ people on everyday all level 40 or above. When the Original Basil Brawlmonk was terminated finally, United Allies lingered and then died. Basil then came back on an old medium he got from Chris Edgemalley, and remaxed the guild TSUNAMI which he Co-GM'ed alongside "JohnnyDaPirate" and moved them up 23 places on the all time list for kills, 10 places for most ships sunked etc. Basil got bored with TSUNAMI and left, he then guild hopped for a little bit. He then created his last guild which wasn't really meant to be a big guild as Basil had gotten tired of big guilds. Basil got the urge though one day to max it, after 5 days it was up to 350 members. Basil got terminated soon after. He saw the game was closing, so he choose just not to come back and went into exile. He recently came back and officially aquired the rank of "King of Romania".