Introducing "The World Assembly"

By now you're probably all aware of "The World Stage" per the welcoming message that you receive every time that you enter the chat/debate room. From here on out, our Forum will be acting as "The World Assembly" So what's the difference? Well, The World Stage, since it's chat, is obviously for quick general conversation whereas The World Assembly is open for somewhat more serious matters, more or less. The World Assemby is somewhat similar to the SSC in the sense that from here on out, promotions/demotions/bans/unbans and new ideas will need to pass through The World Assembly first. (Rollbacks, Chat Mods, and Admins all have a vote just like on the SSC). 

However, this forum is also open to settling disputes between two or more rival RP nations. It's also open for the suggestion/proposal of new ideas to the wiki and so forth. 

That being said, when starting a discussion, please try and stay within the guidelines of what I have just outlined. Keep it relevant and important. Try not to get off topic or post something meaningless. Thank you! 

Paradox Overlord (talk) 11:32, July 17, 2014 (UTC)